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Membership Meeting: DO YOU WANT LUNCH?

Hello Falcon Darlings! Our next meeting is on July 12th at the Shop. Since it's BBQ weather your Burgerfraus will be turnin' and burnin' some tasty protein treats for lunch (burgers & hot dogs). The rest of the meal will be up to you, my hungry friends. 

Please let me know what you can bring to the meeting. Bring enough for at least 15+ servings so everyone can have a taste. 

Here are some suggestions:
Bread and hummus
Veggie platter
Potato salad
Pasta salad
Green salad
Fruit salad
Chips & Dips
Cheese platter

Please leave your name and the dish you're planning on bringing in the comments section (or message me directly)

See you all then!
-Burgerfrau the second

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donovan's picture

I'll be in for something, get back to you soon

Reenie's picture

We'll bring an orange pineapple bread for dessert!

Monster Mash's picture

I changed my mind and I am making a macaroni salad instead.



philmayfield's picture

I'll bring chips and salsa :)

Lilimdrd's picture

If all goes well Josiah and I will be bringing in some Ribs!  =D

Dunhamj's picture

I'll bring a fruit bowl. 

Lyne Noella's picture

I'll bring cake!

Grizzbar's picture

I will be bringin' some Blue Cheese Tater Salad and a Chocolat Stout Cake with Blueberries... also, an epmty glass that will be needin' fillin'! 

donovan's picture

I'm bringing broccoli slaw, asian style

sherf's picture

I am bring a boatload of BBQ stuff remaining from a 90th birthday party last night. Boatload, cooler full.....chicken, brisket, potato salad, coleslaw, macNcheese. 


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