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Hall of Champions

The Falcons have been running competitions for over 27 years now and over the years many of our winners have gone on to the ranks of the professionals or onto greater heights. All of them have continued to spread the love of brewing and their recipes appear in the archives of the Falcons.
    If you know the winners for any of the years missing from our competition rosters, please contact the Club President: president at maltosefalcons.com
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Mayfaire / Springfest | Oktoberfest
Los Angeles County Fair | Doug King Memorial
Merlin Cup Winners | Surfliner Challenge


Mayfaire / Springfest

The oldest of our competitions, the Mayfaire (nee Springfest) has been running since at least 1979. Through the records of the winners, you can see the progress and development of the homebrewing hobby. Starting in the beginning with a bare 4 or 5 categories (Light Lager, Dark Lager, Stout or Bock, Ale) to the rich complex style listings that we continue to evolve today. For the whole history of the Sierra Nevada California Homebrewer of the Year award, the Mayfaire has been the Kentucky Derby of the race for the award.
  Winner Beer Style Notes
2015 Nick Corona Vienna-Style Lager  
2014 Daniel Owens / Matt Peterson Abbey Tripel Ale  
2013 Brian Holter / Toby Kingsley Belgian Quad  
2012 Mike Mraz Flanders Red  
2011 Chuck Ferguson English Barleywine  
2010 Steve Cook* Hefeweizen  
2009 Steve Kirby Kolsch  
2008 Mike Mraz West Coast Extra Pale Ale  
2007 Jamil Zainasheff Traditional Bock  
2006 Mike McDole Double ("Imperial") IPA Recipe
2005 Mike McDole Eisbock Recipe
2004 Bruce Brode* Melomel Recipe
2003 Jamil Zainasheff Schwarzbier Recipe
2002 Jamil Zainasheff Weizenbock Recipe
2001 Mike Riddle Tripel Recipe
2000 Todd Etzel* Melomel Recipe
1999 Tom Wolf* American Barleywine Recipe
1998 Richard Mansfield English ESB  
1997 Mike Smith Bavarian Hefeweizen  
1996 Bruce Brode,
Brian Vessa*
Dortmunder Export  
1995 Paul Sedgwick* Munich Helles  
1994 Markus Brutsch,
Grover Vos*
Abbey Ale  
1993 Norman Dickenson Bohemian Pilsner  
1992 Jeff Mellem,
Susan Mellem*
Scottish Ale  
1991 Kevin Verble Imperial Stout First Non-Falcon to Win
1990 David Sherfy* Steam Beer First year "Hashell Dammett" is awarded
1989 Brent Wilson,
Daniel Farber*
Pale Ale  
1988 Dennis Fink,
David Sherfy*
1987 John Maier* Barleywine Springfest renamed to "Mayfaire"
1986 John Maier* Dark Ale  
1985 John Maier* Dark Lager  
1984 Tony Abell,
Brent Wilson*
Pale Ale  
1983 Tony Abell* Light Lager  
1982 Maynard Diamond* Light Lager  
1981 Bob Sheperd* Dark Lager  
1980 Brent Wilson* Light Lager  
1979 Brent Wilson* ??  
Here the further results lie lost in the murky depths of the endless mug of Falcons history.
The second oldest competition in the Falcons lineup, the Oktoberfest started as a traditional beer party and morphed into a separate competition. The O'Fest has always been a simple competition, open to anyone for the cost of a single bottle of beer. Judging is more relaxed than our others comps, but the competition can still be just as fierce.
  Winner Beer Style Notes
2015 Mike Summer Flanders Red  
2010  Diane Van Wagner  Irish Red Ale  
2009 No Contest Held Due to the Club's 35th Anniversary Celebrations
2008  Larry Konis  Russian Imperial Stout  
2007  Tom Wolf  Saison  
2006 Jeremy & Steve Raub* Holiday Ale Recipe
2005 Craig Shapland* Eisbock Recipe
2004 No Contest Held Due to the Club's 30th Anniversary Celebrations
2003 Drew Beechum* Maibock Recipe
2002 Sal Sciortino, Sr,
Sal Sciortino, Jr.*
English Best Bitter  
2001 Jen Rhude* Hefeweizen  
2000 Dennis Donahue* American Brown  
1999 Cullen Davis* Porter  
1998 ???    
1997 Tom Wolf* American Barleywine  
1996 Ken Fay* Cider  
1995 ???    
1994 ???    
1993 John Rasmussen* Traditional Mead  
1992 Tom Hamilton,
Lois Hamilton*
Scottish Wee Heavy  
1991 ???    
1990 David Sherfy* Blackberry Mead  
1989 Brent Wilson* Pale Ale  
1988 Jeff Mellem* Oatmeal Stout  
1987 ??? Results are listed in the newsletter, but no BOS indicated
1986 Tom Edmunds* Barleywine  
1985 Spero Kokkinakis*  
1984 Marty Velas & Solange Brun*  
1983 Tony Abell*  
1982 Geoff Swanberg*  
1981 Marty Velas & Solange Brun* First year of the Oktoberfest
Los Angeles County Fair
The LA County Fair is the largest county fair in the country, so it's only natural that the LA County would turn to the Falcons to make the operations run smoothly. Since 1988 we've provided the county with our services and our beers. In year's past, the fair included a pouring booth for us, but these days we're content with running the competition quietly in the background.
  Winner Beer Style Notes
2016 Andy Ziskin Pre-prohibition Lager  


Dana Cordes American-Style Barleywine  
2014 Eric Addison and Arman Sanaryan American-Style Barleywine  
2013 James Hilbing Belgian-Style Strong Golden Ale  
2012 Ward G Walkup IV West Coast Xtra Pale Ale  
2011 Dan McGirr Double IPA  
2010 Craig Corley Winter Saison  
2009 William Frost English Style Barleywine  
2008  Herb Adams  Vanilla Chocolate Porter  
2007 Norman Jufer Dortmunder Export Lager  
2006 Bob Kaisaki Strong Bitter/ESB Recipe
2005 Timothy Fiztpatrick English-Style Strong Ale  
2004 Greg Beron Biere de Garde Recipe
2003 Bruce Brode,
Brian Vessa*
Dortmunder Export Recipe
2002 Tim Bardet Scottish Export  
2001 Jeff Brown Export and Sweet Stout  
2000 George Fix American Red Lager  
1999 Carl Townsend Bock  
1998 ???    
1997 ???    
1996 Michael Bowe* Munich Dunkel  
1995 Bruce Brode* Imperial Stout  
1994 ???    
1993 Grover Vos* Belgian Ale  
1992 Tom Estudillo* American Amber Ale  
1991 David Sherfey* Chile Mead  
1990 David Sherfy* Scottish Ale  
1989 David Hammaker Barleywine  
1988 Jay Ankeney* Porter First year of the LA County Fair
Doug King Memorial Competition
Our newest competition, held every January in memory of much missed Falcon, Doug King.
  Winner Beer Style


2016 Ward G. Walkup IV English Mild "Fall Session" - Brewed at Eagle Rock Brewing
2015 Matt Castellino, Courtney Castellino, Todd Slater Vienna Lager Brewed at Eagle Rock Brewing
2014 Norm Jufer Specialty Smoked Beer, Other - Smoked Robust Porter  Brewed at Eagle Rock Brewing
2013 Craig Wickham, Doug Harlan, A. Dean Lynn Session Beer, Other - Hibiscus Honey Blonde  Brewed at Eagle Rock Brewing
2012 Norm Jufer Traditional Bock  Brewed at Eagle Rock Brewing
2011 Jeff Crowell Dortmunder Export  Brewed at Eagle Rock Brewing
2010 Donny Hummel Imperial Red Ale with Rye  Brewed at Eagle Rock Brewing. Won the 2010 GABF Pro-Am Competition
2009 Andrew Waisanen Lavender Saison  
2008 Matt Bourbeau* Marzen / Oktoberfest  
2007 Todd Peterson* Black Sea Baltic Porter Recipe
2006 Dennis King American Pale Lager Recipe
2005 Craig Wickham* Cocoa Imperial Stout Recipe
2004 Rick Burnside* American Light Lager First year of the competition
Merlin Cup Winner

Awarded to the Falcon with the most competition wins over the course of a year. Named for our founder Merlin Elhardt, this is actually a revival of an old award.

Currently Falcons are given points based on the number of entries and their results.

  Winner Notes
2016 John Aitchison  
2015 Israel Arrieta  
2014 Israel Arrieta  
2013 Israel Arrieta  
2012 Israel Arrieta  
2011 Skipp Shelley  
2009  Aaron Selzer  
2008 Matt Bourbeau  46 points
2007 Todd Peterson  
Surfliner Challenge

Started in 2008 as a challenge between the Santa Barbeerians and the Falcons, the Surfliner Challenge gives each club three entries in a pre-chosen style. The entries are judged blind by a panel convened from all competing clubs who chose the best beer.

  Winner Notes
2009 Nic Proctor (Santa Barbeerians) Belgian Dark Strong
2008 Nic Proctor (Santa Barbeerians) Double IPA


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