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The Falcon is a Phoenix

Rising from the ashes of 2020, the Maltose Falcons are slowly returning to normal life, starting with the first of our in-person events since over a year ago. At the beginning of May, we began the fun with our non-SCHF camping trip at Vail Lake in place of the official SCHF, which was cancelled this year. A few weeks after was our trip up to Russian River, where a group of Falcons flew up to the Santa Rosa area to enjoy the local breweries, with the highlight being a special visit with Vinnie Cilurzo in the Russian River brewpub. Next was a homecoming brew session in the clubhouse, where board members cleaned up and renovated the club's brew system in order to get it ready for future use. Oh, and of course, they brewed on it also.

Things are looking up for a good 2021 - for us, for health, and for beer! We can't wait to see you all again in person soon.

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