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Board Meeting Minutes May 2021

Date: 5/19/2021
Time: 7:00 PM
Location: Online (Zoom)

In Attendance:

  • Ilan (President)
  • Eric (VP and Competitions)
  • Ed (VP and Competitions)
  • Tiffany (Treasurer)
  • Gavin (Secretary)
  • Rick (Membership)
  • Quinlan (Publicity)
  • Jenna (Burgermeister)

Not Present:

  • Drew (Grand Hydrometer and Webmaster)
  • Jeff (Activities)
  • Robert (Activities)
  • Nicolai (Publicity)
  • Ian (Newsletter)

The next Board Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday June 15, 2021 at 7:00 P.M. and will be conducted via Zoom (Note: meeting has been moved from Wednesday)


Tiffany has her name on the BofA account. She is looking into moving the account to Chase, because of a service fee BofA is tacking on, and also because of convenience.
Account balances are holding steady.
Medals for DKM have not been paid for yet.
New Swag (shirts, glasses, shirts, hats? etc.) coming

Oktoberfest:  Possibly October 15th . Looking into prices/dates.
Lake Arrowhead: September 11th 2021. Falcons Presence is being discussed, incl. camping/hotels.
Santa Barbara train trip: Being organized for August. Visit multiple breweries.
Brewery party: Trying to locate a suitable Brewery. Names that came up: Transplants, Trademark, Macleod.

Jenna will resume responsibilities in August, when we re-start in-person meetings.

DKM and Mayfaire coming up.
Drew is going to follow up with Frannie @ LA Brewers Guild re competition she announced to Falcons at the end of 2020

Grand Hydro
Drew is bringing in Vinnie and RR beer for next Club Meeting. Topic: Hop Creep.
A Shop Brew is being held on May 29 organized by Ilan, organized by Tiffany, Ilan, and Quinlan.

126 active members, 9 renewals, 3 new members.
New perk added: Discount at MadeWest

Deadline for the next newsletter is June 2
Topic of Interest: Summer Home Brewing

In anticipation of in-person meetings in August, July Club Meeting will be a hybrid, with Board members in-person at club house, and everyone else on Zoom. 
Next Board meeting will be in-person, probably at a brewery. We have volunteers to help clean up clubhouse, and mount cabinets to wall.

Next publication deadline: June 2
Topics: Club Brew, HHs, Summer Home Brewing

Quinlan shared the new shopify login credentials with Board. He’s waiting to coordinate this launch with Drew.

Happy Hours
We are confirmed out to early July. HH frequency will probably be scaled back in August.

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