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Board Meeting Minutes June 2021

Date: 6/15/2021
Time: 7:00 PM
Location: In-Person @ MacLeods!

In Attendance:

  • Ilan (President)
  • Drew (Grand Hydrometer and Webmaster)
  • Dana (Co-Webmaster)
  • Jeff (Activities)
  • Robert (Activities)
  • Eric (VP and Competitions)
  • Ed (VP and Competitions)
  • Tiffany (Treasurer)
  • Gavin (Secretary)
  • Rick (Membership)
  • Quinlan (Publicity)
  • Nicolai (Publicity)
  • Jenna (Burgermeister)
  • John A. (Member-at-Large)

Not Present:

  • Ian (Newsletter)

The next Board Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday July 13, 2021 at 7:00 P.M. and will be conducted at the Clubhouse.


Finances are holding good.
Tiffany has researched moving to Chase from BofA. Board has decided to make the move. Minimum balance maintained needs to be 2K.
Swag - Hats and full size stemless Teku being ordered with new artwork.

S. Barbara brewery train trip on August 14: Drew has been tracking poll. Based on responses, the 4 breweries selected are Rincon, 3d window, Night Lizard and Brewhouse. Total walking loop is just over 2 miles.
One ticket gets you a pint at each brewery and food (bbq lunch with veggie option) and optional t-shirt. Non-beer-drinker ticket price TBD.
Oktoberfest: Tiff is still trying to get a date and work out pricing. Should know by early July.
Lake Arrowhead: September 11th 2021. Falcons Presence is being discussed, incl. camping/hotels. Tickets will go on sale soon. Free if you bring a keg of beer. Designated Driver $15. $40 if you don’t bring a keg.
Transplants collab with MF being discussed for November. 

Jenna to resume responsibilities when in-person meetings start.

Eric has taken over revamping the Guidelines. Will meet with John A towards this end.
Radegast results are being announced on Saturday.
DKM medals have not been sent out yet. Quin offered to mail then for Ed.
Mayfaire: Drop off on July 9, Check-in July 11, judging July 24. 200 max entries, possibly at MacLeods
John A. will be announcing a BJCP class and exam in the fall/winter to be held at the shop.

Grand Hydro:
Beersmith and Russian River videos not published yet.
Omega will talk about Kweik at the next club meeting.

126 active, 4 new members
Roster sheets up to date

Club house cleanup process started today. Weeds are taking over outdoor area
2 cabinets were anchored down. Plans to add awning to outside area were discussed. Costs need to be determined.before proceeding.
Cover for outdoor brew system at shop also discussed 
Bar: Plan is to move the  bar inside eventually - will be wheeled out for meetings.

Transfer to the new (Shopify) website happening in July.
Board members will be briefed @ next meeting.

Happy Hours:
Drew wants to have one beer each from the top contenders in the HH poll.
Poll will be conducted whether to go with 2 breweries or 4 breweries each HH.

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