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2013 Doug King Memorial Competition


Note: a decision was made by the staff to split the smoke and wood aged beers into their own category (Class 26) and offer more medals.

Best of Show Winner

Craig Wickham, Doug Harlan, A Dean Lynn for their Honey Hibiscus Blonde Ale

First Runner-up

Chris Rockwell, Bret Goldhorn for their Rye Barrel Stout

Second Runner-up

James Hilbing for his Munich Dunkel


Class 1 American Pale and Dark Lager
1st Place Rick Burnside, Bart Smith American Pale Lager
2nd Place James Hilbing American Pale Lager
3rd Place Israel Arrieta American Dark Lager
Class 2 European Pale Lager
1st Place Christian Graves Munich Helles
2nd Place Ruben Rosales North German Pils
3rd Place Jeff Crowell Dortmunder/Export
Class 9 Amber and Dark Lager
1st Place James Hilbing Munich Dunkel
2nd Place Alec Smith, Bryan Van Vliet Schwarzbier
3rd Place Virg Bunmann Marzen / O'fest
Class 10 American West Coast Beers
1st Place Derek DAlessandro California Common Beer
2nd Place Drew Butler West Coast Extra Pale Ale
Class 14 Northern European Strong Beers
1st Place Brian Holter, Toby Kingsley Imperial (Russian) Stout
2nd Place John Aitchison, John Rasmussen Adambier
3rd Place David Miller Imperial (Russian) Stout
Class 15 Bock
1st Place Jon Silvertooth Doppelbock
2nd Place Patrick Johnston Maibock and Helles (Pale) Bock
3rd Place Israel Arrieta Eisbock
Class 24 Specialty Beer - Fruit/Vegetable and Herb/Spiced
1st Place Ward G. Walkup IV Herb- and/or Spice-Flavored Beer - Vanilla Chai Milk Stout
2nd Place Tim McDonnell Herb- and/or Spice-Flavored Beer - Rosemary and Lemon Verbana IPA
3rd Place Jeffrey Cannon Herb- and/or Spice-Flavored Beer - Citrus Green Tea APA
Class 25 Specialty Beer - Experimental, Historical, and Other
1st Place Josiah Blomquist, Thousand Oaked Homebrewers Historical Beer - Wine Barrel Aged Flemish Sour
2nd Place Sarah Luker, Matthew Luker Historical Beer - Revolutionary War Spruce Tip Ale
3rd Place Brian Pramov, Jessica Leberer Specialy Beer, Other - Cinnamon Toast Crunch Imperial Brown Ale
Class 26 Specialty Beer - Smoked and Wood Aged
1st Place Chris Rockwell, Bret Goldhorn Wood Aged Beer - Rye Barrel Stout
2nd Place James Hilbing Wood Aged Beer - Oaked Old Ale
3rd Place Jeff Bukey, Bryan McEntire,Mike Nagy,John Ryti,Bud Hoff Wood Aged Beer - Cabernet Sauvignon Aged Belgian Dark Strong
Class 28 Imperial Anything
1st Place John Aitchison, John Rasmussen 1.080-1.100 - Belgian Quadruple
2nd Place Drew Sams, Malcolm Edwards 1.080-1.100 - American Brown Ale
3rd Place Brian Holter Toby Kingsley 1.100+ - Belgian Dark Strong
Class 29 Session Beer Challenge
1st Place Craig Wickham, Doug Harlan, Dean Lynn Experimental Session (under 1.040) - Honey Hibiscus Blonde Ale
2nd Place Adam Halloran Traditional Session (under 1.040) - Irish Stout
3rd Place Ruben Rosales Traditional Session (under 1.040) - Oatmeal Stout



thetooth's picture

I noticed that category 15 is listed as valid in the rules, but it is not available on the form.  Is category 15 not being judged in this comp or does the form need to be corrected?



cybertonian's picture

It's the Bock Category, which just happened to win last year!    It appears that it was left off the web registration by accident.

Our webmaster is going to fix it ASAP!


Administrator's picture

You may be registering the bock now.

thetooth's picture

Doppelbock is registered.

monstersandpie's picture

Last year kegs could be dropped off the day of judging. Is that the case this year?
Does this hold true for growler and other odd vessel entries?

monstersandpie's picture

Last year kegs could be dropped off the day of judging. Is that the case this year?
Does this hold true for growler and other odd vessel entries?

cybertonian's picture

Yes!  Kegs and growlers may be delivered between 8:15 and 8:45 on the day of the comp, but they MUST be registered AND PAID FOR ONLINE before Thursday, Jan 10 23:59:59


surferdrew's picture

...for posting these so quickly!

Looking forward to eventually seeing the feedback on our Imperial Brown Ale that took second in its category.


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