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2012 Mayfaire Regional Homebrew Competition Rules

  1. The Maltose Falcons' Mayfaire is an BJCP-sanctioned homebrew competition open to all homebrewers.
  2. An entry is a set of two (2) bottles from a single batch of beer, mead or cider. The bottles must be made of clear, green or brown glass, and be free from labels, excessive dirt and identifying marks. All bottles must be filled within an inch and a half of the top, and be capped with a metal crown cap. The caps must be plain colored, or be completely blacked out with a black permanent marker. Swing-type caps are not permitted. All bottles must be between 10 and 16 ounces in volume, with the exception of Barleywine, Imperial Stout, Eisbock, Wee Heavy, and Mead, which may be submitted in bottles as small as 6 ounces. An entry that excessively gushes from more than one bottle may be disqualified at the judges' discretion.
  3. An entry may not be brewed, fermented or bottled using commercial equipment.
  4. An entrant is the one or more people submitting an entry. Member(s) of an entrant must have actively contributed to brewing, fermenting, and bottling an entry. Every member must be at least 21 years of age. An entrant may not be an entire brew club. Competition staff, judges and stewards are permitted to be entrants. Professional Brewers are permitted to be entrants as long as the entry was not brewed on commercial equiptment
  5. The official style guidelines for this competition are the 2012 Maltose Falcons Style Guidelines These guidelines can be found on the Maltose Falcons website at http://www.maltosefalcons.com/. Every entry must be declared a particular category and subcategory according to these guidelines. Under no circumstances will competition organizers, staff, or judges categorize entries.
  6. No member of an entrant may submit another entry of the same subcategory, whether as an individual entrant, a member of the same entrant, or a member of another entrant.
  7. Every entry must be submitted with a completed entry form and a bottle identification label attached to each bottle with a rubber band. Using glue or tape to secure the labels to the bottles will disqualify an entry. Entry forms and all three bottle labels for a single entry must have the same information on them.
  8. The entry form must list the following information for entries in the categories specified:
    • For subclass 22.3 Saison (Spring/Summer & Fall/Winter) : The entrant should specify the season of the entry. Read the style guidelines for more information
    • For subclass 23.2 Fruit-Flavored Lambic-Style Ale and Faro : The entrant must specify the type of fruit used in making the entry.
    • For class 24 Specialty Beer - Fruit/Vegetable and Herb/Spiced : The entrant must specify the underlying beer style as well as the type of fruits/vegetables/herbs/spices used. For more accurate judging the user should specify the underlying classic style used for the brew.
    • For class 25 Specialty Beer - Smoked, Experimental, Historical, & Other : The entrant must specify the underlying beer style as well as thespecial ingredients/processes used and any additional information necessary to accurately describe the entrant's intent with a historical beer.
    • For entries in classes 26 Mead and 27 Cider : Entrants must specify whether the entry is still or sparkling, and must also indicate whether the mead/cider is dry, semi-sweet (medium) or sweet.
    • For entries in subclass 26.5 Melomel : The brewer must provide the fruits used.
    • For entries in subclass 26.8 Mead, Other : The brewer must provide any special ingredients used.
    • For entries in subclass 27.3 Speciality Cider and Perry : The brewer must provide any special ingredients used.
  9. Entries may be registered online via the form on the 2012 Maltose Falcons Mayfaire web site at http://competitions.maltosefalcons.com/2012Mayfaire/entryform.php. Online registration eliminates the need to submit a paper entry form and will automatically generate bottle identification labels. Email confirmation will be provided as well. In case the entrant is unable to print the custom labels, it is acceptable for the brewer to make individual slips with the same information.
  10. The entry fee is $7.00 for each entry. Make checks payable to the Maltose Falcons.  Please remember to include your entry number(s) on your check!
  11. A panel of at least two judges will judge each entry according to the category in which it was entered. No judge will be assigned to a category for which they are entrants. First, second, and third prizes may be awarded in each category at the judge's discretion. Classes will NOT be collapsed with other classes for judging purposes. If a subcategory is deemed sufficiently large by the organizers, it may be promoted to being a separate class. All contestants will receive the score sheets with judges' comments for their entries.
  12. All entries become the property of the Maltose Falcons and will not be returned. Any questions or disputes will be settled by the competition organizers, and all decisions are final.
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