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2012 Mayfaire Homebrew Competition


2012 Mayfaire organized by the Maltose Falcons

Holy cow! 550 entries registered and a bunch of judges to run through them all. In the end, the judges at the Best of Show Panel commented on the stellar nature of the winners and just how tough the final judging was. In the end, the bird goes to a brewer known well to the Falcons, particularly for his Belgians. Congrats Mike!

Best of Show Winner
Mike Mraz for his Flanders Red

First Runner-up
Michael Izbicki for his Belgian Dubbel

Second Runner-up
Mike Mraz for his Belgian Blonde

Class 1 American Pale and Dark Lager
1st Place Rick Burnside American Pale Lager
2nd Place Dan Eastwood American Pale Lager
3rd Place Steve Hinkle American Pre-Prohibition Lager
Class 2 European Pale Lager
1st Place Chris Simental Bohemian Pilsner
2nd Place Richard Solis Dortmunder/Export
3rd Place Virgil Bumann Munich Helles
Class 3 American Wheat Ale and American Cream Ale
1st Place Bud Tourville American Cream Ale
2nd Place Kyle White American Blonde Ale
3rd Place Mike Riddle American Cream Ale
Class 4 English Bitter Ale and Pale Ale
1st Place Mike Riddle Special or Best Bitter
2nd Place James Hilbing Strong Bitter and ESB
3rd Place Michael Izbicki English Pale Ale
Class 5 American Pale Ale
1st Place Kevin Kowalczyk American-Style Pale Ale
2nd Place Ryan Truax, Constance Marshall American-Style Pale Ale
3rd Place Chris Simental American-Style Pale Ale
Class 6 Scottish Ales
1st Place Mike Riddle Irish Red Ale
2nd Place Paul Sangster Wee Heavy
3rd Place James Hilbing, Kurt Rump, Mike Truman Wee Heavy
Class 7 India Pale Ale
1st Place Kevin Kowalczyk American-Style India Pale Ale
2nd Place Kevin Drake American-Style India Pale Ale
3rd Place Sean Navin American-Style India Pale Ale
Class 8 European Ale
1st Place Mike Riddle Kolsch-Style Ale
2nd Place Craig Corley Altbier
3rd Place Rick Krone Kolsch-Style Ale
Class 9 Amber and Dark Lager
1st Place Scott Satterthwaite Schwarzbier
2nd Place Mike Mraz Vienna Lager
3rd Place Russell Livingston Schwarzbier
Class 10 American West Coast Beers
1st Place Mike Mraz West Coast Extra Pale Ale
2nd Place David Ochoa, Cody Darwin California Common Beer
3rd Place Steve Mifsud California Common Beer
Class 11 Brown Ale
1st Place Eric Holden Mild Ale
2nd Place Jon Silvertooth Southern English Brown Ale
3rd Place Mike Riddle Mild Ale
Class 12 Strong Ale and Old Ale
1st Place James Hilbing Old Ale
2nd Place David Martin, Ramiro, Jason, Antonio, Sergio, Gary American Style Strong Ale
Class 13 Double IPA and Barleywine
1st Place Brandon Fender Double (Imperial) India Pale Ale
2nd Place Kevin Kowalczyk English-Style Barleywine
3rd Place Andrew Bell Double (Imperial) India Pale Ale
Class 14 Northern European Strong Beers
1st Place Paul Sangster Baltic Porter
2nd Place Mike Riddle Imperial (Russian) Stout
3rd Place Kris Schmidt Adambier
Class 15 Bock
1st Place Paul Sangster Traditional Bock
Class 16 Porter
1st Place Zack Pincherli, Lars Vedvick, Barry Schwartz American-Style Porter
2nd Place Mike Riddle American-Style Porter
3rd Place Kyle White American-Style Porter
Class 17 Stout
1st Place Mike Riddle Export and Oatmeal (Sweet English) Stout
2nd Place Kevin Grizard American-Style Stout
3rd Place Rick Burnside Export and Oatmeal (Sweet English) Stout
Class 18 German Wheat Beer
1st Place Brian Kellough Bavarian Krystal Weizen
2nd Place Jon Silvertooth Berliner Weisse
3rd Place Brett Wilson, Tomas Sidenfaden Berliner Weisse
Class 19 Belgian-Style Abbey Ale
1st Place Michael Izbicki Abbey Dubbel (Double) Ale
2nd Place James Hilbing Abbey Tripel (Triple) Ale
3rd Place John Aitchison Abbey Ale, Other
Class 20 Belgian-Style Strong Ale
1st Place Mike Mraz Belgian Blonde
2nd Place Kyle White Belgian-Style Strong Dark Ale
3rd Place Tom Kelly, Peggy Kelly Belgian-Style Strong Golden Ale
Class 21 Belgian-Style Specialty Ale
1st Place Timothy Golden Witbier
2nd Place James Stott Belgian-Style Specialty Ale, Other
3rd Place Christopher Rockwell, Bret Goldhorn Belgian IPA
Class 22 Farmhouse Ales
1st Place Kristofor Barnes, John Rockwell Saison (Spring/Summer)
2nd Place Jay Hinton Saison (Spring/Summer)
3rd Place Mike Riddle, Cameron Day, Sean Oconnor Wild Ales
Class 23 Belgian-Style Sour Ale
1st Place Mike Mraz Flanders-Style Red
2nd Place Chris Walowski Oud Bruin
3rd Place Andrew Bell Fruit-Flavored Lambic-Style Ale and Faro
Class 24 Specialty Beer - Fruit/Vegetable and Herb/Spiced
1st Place Mike Riddle Fruit- and/or Vegetable-Flavored Beer
2nd Place Hank Hofmann, Rick Kinkel Herb- and/or Spice-Flavored Beer
3rd Place Mike Riddle Herb- and/or Spice-Flavored Beer
Class 25 Specialty Beer - Smoked, Experimental, Historical, and Other
1st Place Chris Walowski Wood Aged Beer
2nd Place Dan Eastwood Bavarian Rauch (smoke-flavored)
3rd Place Sean Johnson, Don Liebig Historical Beer
Class 26 Mead
1st Place Eric Holden Mead, Other
2nd Place Elspeth Payne Traditional Mead
3rd Place Sean Morris Metheglin
Class 27 Cider
1st Place Bud Tourville Standard Cider and Perry
2nd Place Dan Eastwood Standard Cider and Perry
3rd Place Mike Riddle Standard Cider and Perry


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