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2011 Mayfaire


 2011 Mayfaire organized by the Maltose Falcons


Best of Show Winner

Chuck Ferguson for his English Style Barleywine

First Runner-up

Steve Scott for his Munich Helles

Second Runner-up

Matt Bourbeau for his Maple Vanilla American Barleywine


Class 1 American Pale and Dark Lager
1st Place John Aitchison American Pale Lager
2nd Place Paul Sangster American Pre-Prohibtion Lager
3rd Place Rick Burnside American Pale Lager
Class 2 European Pale Lager
1st Place Steve Scott Munich Helles
2nd Place Steve Mifsud North German Pils
3rd Place Pete Morris Munich Helles
Class 3 American Wheat, Cream Ales and Blonde Ales
1st Place Bud Tourville Amercian Blonde Ale
2nd Place Paul Sangster American Wheat Ale
3rd Place Brian Buron American Blonde Ale
Class 4 English Bitter
1st Place Kurt Anderson, Viki Anderson Strong Bitter and ESB
2nd Place Paul Sangster Strong Bitter and ESB
3rd Place Sherwin Antonio Strong Bitter and ESB
Class 5 American Pale Ale
1st Place Larry Nadeau American-Style Pale Ale
2nd Place Not Awarded
3rd Place Kevin Grizerd American-Style Pale Ale
Class 6 Scottish Ales
1st Place Paul Sangster Wee Heavy
2nd Place Daniel Burke Irish Red Ale
3rd Place Bud Tourville Irish Red Ale
Class 7 India Pale Ale
1st Place Kurt Anderson, Viki Anderson Black IPA
2nd Place David Lester American-Style India Pale Ale
3rd Place A. Dean Lynn American-Style India Pale Ale
Class 8 European Ales
1st Place Paul Sangster Kolsch-Style Ale
2nd Place John Aitchison Altbier
3rd Place Steven Kinsey Kolsch-Style Ale
Class 9 Amber and Dark Lager
1st Place Paul Sangster Munich Dunkel
2nd Place Sherwin Antonio Schwarzbier
3rd Place Daniel Burke Vienna Lager
Class 10 American West Coast Beers
1st Place Pal Sangster American Red / Amber Ale
2nd Place Steve Mifsud American Red / Amber Ale
3rd Place Sherwin Antonio California Common Beer
Class 11 Brown Ales
1st Place Paul Sangster Northern English Brown Ale
2nd Place Paul Sangster American Brown Ale
3rd Place James McGowan American Brown Ale
Class 12 Strong Ale and Barleywine
1st Place Paul Sangster Old Ale
2nd Place Chuck Ferguson English Style Strong Ale
3rd Place Chuck Ferguson English-Style Barleywine
Class 13 Double IPA and Barleywine
1st Place Chuck Ferguson English-Style Barleywine
2nd Place Kevin Grizard Double ("Imperial") India Pale Ale
3rd Place John Aitchison American-Style Barleywine
Class 14 Northern European Strong Beers
1st Place Kevin Grizard Imperial ("Russian") Stout
2nd Place Kevin Grizard Baltic Porter
3rd Place John Aitchison Adambier
Class 15 Bock
1st Place Matthew Quok Doppelbock
2nd Place Paul Sangster Eisbock
3rd Place Carl Townsend Maibock
Class 16 Porter
1st Place Kevin Grizard American-Style Porter
2nd Place Kevin Grizard English-Style Porter
3rd Place Not Awarded  
Class 17 Stout
1st Place Kevin Grizard Irish (Dry) Draught Stout
2nd Place Bud Tourville Irish (Dry) Draught Stout
3rd Place Bruce Gietzen American Stout
Class 18 German Wheat Beer
1st Place Paul Sangster Weizenbock
2nd Place Not Awarded  
3rd Place Steve Cook Bavarian Hefeweizen
Class 19 Belgian Style Abbey Beers
1st Place Craig Corley Abbey Dubbel(Double) Ale
2nd Place Craig Corley Abbey Tripel (Triple) Ale
3rd Place James McGowan Abbey Tripel (Triple) Ale
Class 20 Belgian Strong
1st Place Jim Hilbin Belgian Blond Ale
2nd Place Daniel Burke Belgian-Style Strong Dark Ale
3rd Place Matthew Bourbeau, Paul Bourbeau Belgian-Style Strong Golden Ale
Class 21 Beglian Specialty Ales
1st Place Jim Hilbing, Kurt Rump, Mike Truman Belgian-Style Specialty Ale, Other
2nd Place Chuck Fergson Belgian-Style Specialty Ale, Other (Malted Rye)
3rd Place James McGowan Belgian IPA
Class 22 Belgian Farmhouse Ale
1st Place James Hilbing Saison (Spring / Summer)
2nd Place James McGowan Wild Ales
3rd Place Eric Garcia Biere de Garde
Class 23 Belgian Sours
1st Place John Aitchison Oud Bruin
2nd Place Israel Arrieta Fruit-Flavored Lambic-Style Ale and Faro
3rd Place Not Awarded  
Class 24 Specialty Beer: Fruit/Vegetable and Herb/Spiced
1st Place Weston Barkley 24.2 - Coffee Milk Stout
2nd Place Chico Lusby 24.2 - Cold Steeped Kona Coffee in an Oatmeal Stout
3rd Place Justin Johnson, Missy Moore Chipotle Pepper Spiced American Amber
Class 25 Specialty Beer: Historical, Experimental, Smoked, Other
1st Place Matthew Bourbeau Specialty Beer, Other - Maple Syrup, Vanilla, American Barleywine
2nd Place James Hibling, Kurt Rump, Mike Truman Wood Aged Beer (Belgian-style Imperial Stout, Aged on Oak)
3rd Place Brendan Wehrly Wood Aged Beer (Bourbon Oak, Vanilla Bean, Imperial Stout)
Class 26 Mead
1st Place David Lester Melomel (Pomegranate, Brandy, Wood)
2nd Place Bud Tourville Traditional Mead
3rd Place Bud Tourville Cyser
Class 27 Cider
1st Place Cullen Davis, Diana Davis Standard Cider and Perry
2nd Place Bud Tourvile Specialty Cider and Perry (Raspberry)
3rd Place Jason Kellt Specialty Cider and Perry (Oak Aged)




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