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2011 Los Angeles County Fair

2011 Los Angeles County Fair Competition Results

 2011 LA County Fair organized by the Maltose Falcons


Best of Show Winner

Dan McGirr for his Double IPA

First Runner-up

Brian Buron for his Specialty Beer, Other

Second Runner-up

William Frost for his Pyment


Class 1 American Pale and Dark Lager
1st Place Rick Burnside American Pale Lager
2nd Place Bob Tripp American Pale Lager
3rd Place Herb Adams American Pale Lager
Class 2 European Pale Lager
2nd Place Matthew Petersen Munich Helles
Class 3 American Wheat Ale and American Cream Ale
2nd Place Zachariah Bradshaw American Cream Ale
3rd Place "Jeff Schultz, Ben McDaniel" American Wheat Ale
Class 4 English Bitter Ale and Pale Ale
1st Place Ivan Morales Strong Bitter and ESB
2nd Place Carl Townsend English Ordinary Bitter
3rd Place Neil Saund Special or Best Bitter
Class 5 American Pale Ale
1st Place Carl Townsend American-Style Pale Ale
2nd Place Ryan Truax American-Style Pale Ale
3rd Place Brett Gent American-Style Pale Ale
Class 6 Scottish and Irish Ales
1st Place James Hilbing Wee Heavy
2nd Place William Frost Wee Heavy
3rd Place Roger Lawler Wee Heavy
Class 7 India Pale Ale
1st Place Neil Saund English-Style India Pale Ale
2nd Place Jeff Koehler American-Style India Pale Ale
3rd Place Brett Gent American-Style India Pale Ale
Class 8 European Ale
1st Place Tom Parker Kolsch-Style Ale
2nd Place Craig Corley Altbier
3rd Place Craig Corley Kolsch-Style Ale
Class 9 Amber and Dark Lager
1st Place Sherwin Antonio Schwarzbier
2nd Place Jon Silvertooth Marzen/Oktoberfest
3rd Place Jon Silvertooth Munich Dunkel
Class 11 Brown Ale
1st Place Kent Fletcher American Brown Ale
2nd Place Jon Silvertooth Southern English Brown Ale
3rd Place Joe Feathers American Brown Ale
Class 12 Strong Ale and Old Ale
1st Place Matthew Rick American Style Strong Ale
Class 13 Double IPA and Barleywine
1st Place Dan McGirr "Double (""Imperial"") India Pale Ale"
2nd Place John Aitchison English-Style Barleywine
3rd Place Dan McGirr American-Style Barleywine
Class 14 Northern European Strong Beers
1st Place Carl Townsend Baltic Porter
2nd Place Sirgei Agalzoff Adambier
3rd Place Carl Townsend "Imperial (""Russian"") Stout"
Class 15 Bock
1st Place Carl Townsend Doppelbock
2nd Place John Aitchison Doppelbock
3rd Place Todd Yenche Maibock and Helles (Pale) Bock
Class 16 Porter
1st Place Jon Silvertooth English-Style Porter
2nd Place Matthew Timmers American-Style Porter
3rd Place Brock Hall American-Style Porter
Class 17 Stouts
1st Place Brian Gallagher English (Sweet) Cream or Milk Stout
2nd Place Hank Hoffmann Export and Oatmeal (Sweet English) Stout
3rd Place Gordon Gulliford Irish (Dry) Draught Stout
Class 18 German Wheat & Rye Beer
1st Place Joe Feathers Bavarian Hefeweizen
Class 19 Belgian-Style Abbey Ale
1st Place David Mauceli Abbey Dubbel (Double) Ale
2nd Place David Mauceli Abbey Tripel (Triple) Ale
3rd Place Rick Burnside Abbey Tripel (Triple) Ale
Class 20 Belgian-Style Strong Ale
1st Place Sherwin Antonio Belgian Blond Ale
2nd Place Constance Marshall Belgian-Style Strong Golden Ale
Class 21 Belgian-Style Specialty Ale
1st Place James Hilbing "Belgian-Style Specialty Ale, Other"
2nd Place Jon Silvertooth Belgian-Style Pale Ale
3rd Place Craig Corley "Belgian-Style Specialty Ale, Other"
Class 22 Farmhouse Ales
1st Place Timothy Golden Saison (Winter/Fall)
2nd Place Walter Larrimore Wild Ales
3rd Place Peter Moran Saison (Winter/Fall)
Class 23 Belgian-Style Sour Ale
2nd Place Herb Adams Flanders-Style Red
Class 24 Specialty Beer - Fruit/Vegetable and Herb/Spiced
1st Place Alex Van Horne Fruit- and/or Vegetable-Flavored Beer
2nd Place Todd Yenche Fruit- and/or Vegetable-Flavored Beer
3rd Place Brian Buron Fruit- and/or Vegetable-Flavored Beer
Class 25 "Specialty Beer - Smoked, Experimental, Historical, and Other"
1st Place Brian Buron "Specialy Beer, Other"
2nd Place James Hilbing "Specialy Beer, Other"
3rd Place Timothy Golden "Specialy Beer, Other"
Class 26 Mead
1st Place William Frost Pyment
2nd Place Kevin Haw Traditional Mead
3rd Place Todd Peterson Braggot or Bracket
Class 27 Cider
1st Place Kevin Haw Standard Cider and Perry
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