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Growler Fills of the Los Angeles Area

With the change in the ABC policy about growlers, we need to know - who in our area will fill say a Maltose Falcons Stainless Steel Growler? Please leave a comment below indicating any discoveries or changes!


Please Note - No brewery is required to fill your growler so don't get bent out of shape if someone says no. This is all still flexible, new territory for everyone and folks are developing their policies. Also, remember that sometimes individual employees may get things wrong. Oh and don't forget - a clean growler is a happy growler! Keep some electrical tape on hand to obscure logos as well.

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A new life for a dead freezer

My 14cu ft freezer died and I received a free 12cu ft freezer. Since my tap collar wouldn't fit the 12 I decided to try something completely different. My hops were taking up too much space in our house freezer and I needed more keg storage space so I combined the working freezer with the dead one and pumped cold air into it with a temperature controlled fan.

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