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December (2015) Pot Luck

Hello Falcons!

I need your help! Since our next meeting is a Pot Luck - it's your chance to bring in a festive dish to share with all of your besties! I will actually be out galavanting in cold foreign lands (okay, I'll be drinking in a pub in England). We'll need a variety of dishes so please take time to post in the comments here or email me directly with what you are planning on bringing. Below is a list of things you could bring plus a guidline of how much of it we'd need overall (if it says 2x you only need to bring one and someone else can bring a different version):

2 x Protein Dish (meat or veggie)

2 x Salad (1/2 trays)

1 x Veggie Tray

1 x Chips and Dip

1 x Cheese Plate

1 x Meat Plate

1 x Fruit Plate

1 x Potato Dish (taters precious)

2 x Pasta Dish (1/2 trays)

1 x Bread (I'm looking at you Mr. Beidelman)

1 x Crockpot Dish (chili or soup or chowder)

2 x Dessert

Obviously these are just guidelines and I'm sure people will bring lots of delicious things above and beyond what I have suggested above. Remember, for potlucks, if you bring a dish you don't have to pay for lunch.

Thanks darlings!

-Your Friendly Neighborhood Burger Frau

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Lyne Noella's picture

Natalie, have a wonderful trip! I will bring a salad to the December potluck meeting.

Gutpunch's picture

There Will Be Bread.

Reenie's picture

We will bring some wondrous dessert to share.

tfairbrother1's picture

I'll bring a charcuterie spread!

RustyReece's picture

I will bring a pasta dish. 

Tom Morris's picture

I'll be bringing meatballs in sauce

billgreiner's picture

I'll  bring  a crockpot  of  chilli.

Administrator's picture

If I can get off my tush, I'll bring fruits of fizz for everyone.

jenna_elayne's picture

Roasted potatos from Jenna Bonney

Spinach dip, salsa and tortilla chips from Jeff Bonney

Kyrsten's picture

Salted chocolate chunk cookies are coming!

Brewgyver's picture

I'm bringing a ham.

Sounds like some good stuff coming! Can't wait!

Rikrox's picture

Bringing a cheese plate.

Amazonbeergirl's picture

I will bring a salad.

Mike Lepp's picture

Will bring bacon wrapped jalapeno and pineapple appetizers

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