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September 2011 Membership Meeting Minutes

September Membership Meeting Minutes
September 11, 2011

Congratulations to all who will be serving on the next Maltose Falcons Board. I am sure you will lead the Falcons through a great year full of new ideas, activities and great beer. The new Board will be:
President- Nancy Gold
Vice -Presidents- Ed Kochanowski, Steve Rosolio and Jeremy Hynd
Treasurer- Kent Fletcher
Activities Director- Kris Schmidt
Membership Director- Martin Carman
Publicity Director- Diane Van Wagner
Secretary- Cullen Davis
Grand Hydro and Webmeister- Drew Beechum
Newsletter Editor- Mark Poliner
Burgermeister – Peter Sheppard

Drew gave an interesting presentation today highlighting the ubiquitous world of Belgian Style Scottish Ales. Falcons got to taste:
Traquiar House Ale 7.2%
Scotch Silly 8%
McChoufe 8%
Bison/Terrapin Reunion 7%
Ommegang’s Cup of Kyndness 6.6%

Nancy presented Skipp Shelley with his well deserved Merlin Cup prize. Congrats Skipp!!!

Drew talked about the advent of so many local new breweries in the L.A. area and thinks the Falcons should do a bus trip to give them a try. Kent mentioned that we would need at least 45 people to sign-up for this venture and told the Falcons that their payment towards the trip would include the expenditure for the bus and driver for the day, plus lunch, beer at all the locales, beer on the bus, and a raffle. Members at the meeting were quite enthusiastic about the idea. Our incoming Activities Director will start looking into this.
Diane spoke about the ongoing Brew 101 class that takes place at the shop. Sign-ups are done at the front counter of the shop. She also talked about our monthly shop brew that is held on a Sunday. Though her Pale Ale brew is full for this Sunday, she will be posting the upcoming brews for sign-ups. Remember you must be an up-to-date paid Falcon to participate. Next up will be Kent Fletcher’s Holiday ale on October 9th.

OKTOBERFEST will be held the weekend of October 15th at Oak Park in Simi Valley. Tickets are available online and will cover your camping cost and your fabulous meal prepared by our Burgermeister. The band will be playing, the beer will be pouring. There will be keg tossing and stein holding for fabulous prizes. Don’t forget to bring beers for the beer auction. All proceeds benefit the club and come right back to you! If you can’t bring beers, bring cash to purchase them with!!!

Thanks to all today who brought their beers for sampling. The winner was Brian Buron for his Marsala Barleywine, which also came in first runner-up at the L.A. County Fair Comp. Congratulations.

There will be no membership meeting in October. Hope to see you all at Oktoberfest!!!

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