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SCHF 2016 - Ya Shoulda Been There!

It is now Sunday afternoon. Home again after a wonderful weekend spent at the SCHF, enjoying beer at not only the Fest, but also John K's event and of course, the mighty Dead Palate's Soiree.
But best of all was being surrounded by fellow Falcons. Whether serving beer at all our taps (38 at one point), or going from club to club to try their wares, or dancing to the Mighty Maltose Falcons Brews band,  our members rock.

I also want to make sure these folks get their just due for ALWAYS doing so much:
Richard, Craig, Kevin and Kent for bringing their bars to all the events and getting the taps ready for the masses.

 The above, plus myself are  always in on "the morning after" of taking down all the bars, which most miss and the clean-up chores. It is quite a load of work dis-assembling and cleaning and reloading the bars for transport. Kudos as always to Steve Cook and Sue Webster who always stay around to make sure everything gets done before we depart . Your devotion to the club and as friends is something to aspire to.
Next up is Mayfaire!   Start gearing up folks and save the date and sign-up online!!
See ya soon.
The Alewench

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