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Mayfaire Happened/ Rapture Didn't! What Could Be Bettah?

Each year when I attend Mayfaire, I think that this year's fest could not possibly top last years. But it always does. My time was perfect. Had everyone I love there. My boyfriend and my two best friends in the universe, Helen and Gina, accompanied by Gina's musician husband, Carl. Steve and I arrived on Friday, set up camp and had a great dinner with Richard, Susan, Kent and Martin. Beanie got his satanic fire machine going and the evening was warm and the beer was fabulous.

The next morning, first things first. A bacon and egg breakfast to start up the "soaking up" sponge in the stomach for the beer which was to come. Why is it that bacon just smells and tastes even better when you cook it outdoors?

As the afternoon progressed and more and more people came, you could tell we were in for another spectacular Mayfaire. So many beers, so many decisions. Ah well, I just kind of went down the line and sampled away. Well, actually went down the line more than once. But wait!! What is that? Craig W. had brought a keg of Agave mead. Helen made a beeline for it and I pity anyone who tried to get near that mead. She loves her mead. It was damn fine mead. Gina has gravitated to the Southern Brown and Carl has found the Porter tap.

Next up, the Fabulous Maltose Falcons Band took the stage, doing a set of all new songs, with no repeats from SCHF. They rocked. We all danced. Steve then handed out the Mayfaire winning medals to the Falcons who were in attendance. What a rake of medals! Though someone from Kansas won this year, I am sure we will be bringing the bird back home next year. Start planning something fabulous you mighty Falcons.
Then, 6:00 rolled around! Was the rapture coming? Was there time to drink one last beer before it did? Could I take Craig's keg of Mead along (though at this point, my friends and I had pretty well emptied it). Alas, the rapture came and went and we were still partying away.

Next up, dare I say... those of us still kinda on our feet, sat down and enjoyed a wondrous selection at Dead Palates. Martin did a great job explaining the beers (for those who listened...) including a vertical of Bigfoot Barleywine, compliments of Craig and Beanie, and we finished up at about Midnight. Thanks to all who brought beer for it.
So, as I said at the start, just when you think the Mayfaire can't get any better, it just does. Can't wait to see what Sunfest has in store.

Thanks again to all of you who contributed to the Faire, whether it was food or drinkables. Thanks to Susan and Anita, who always get stuck cleaning up the tables the day after.
A special "you rock!!" to Kent, Kevin and Beanie for schlepping up their bars, setting them up, cleaning them up afterwards and taking them down after every Falcon event. I think you all deserve a special round of applause, let alone the special Falcon's thank you. And you know which one I mean dahlings!!
See you all at Sunfest, if not sooner!
As Always,
The Ale Wench

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