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Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who came to today's Mayfaire Competition. To all of you judges who are probably home nursing their writing hands from the MANY entries that you had to judge today and to Peter who made a fabulous meal for everyone. But especially to my rockin' stewards. I was amazed by how many of you turned up to help out for the long day. Not only did you do all the running and checking scores, with Dave filing the completed score sheets (thanks Dave). You stewards also helped clean up things as well and....
A big THANK YOU to Eric, who manned the counter of "shunned" beers and emptied the bottles and took out the trash as well. He also mopped up the entire hall after the competition was over. Many of you were new to stewarding and took your tasks in stride. I hope it was a learning experience as well.
Hope to see you all at the Mayfaire Festival on the weekend of the 18th. Till then, thanks again!

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