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A FINE TIME INDEED ~ MAYFAIRE 2012 by the Alewench


        Just when I think that a Falcon Fest that I have attended could not be topped.... BOOM! Mayfaire 2012 arrives and I realize that each event just gets better and better.  And no, it is not the fine homebrew talking, as I have had time to come down from that, do all the wonderful “back home, must do laundry, must clean camp kit” and decided that I needed to write this down immediately.

      This year’s Mayfaire was at a new venue, found by our great Activities Director, Kris, who worked tirelessly to find somewhere really special to have this year’s Mayfaire.  Falcons that attended (and shame on those of you who didn’t... I’m just sayin’....) wound their way up into the wilds of Acton to the KOA.  Amenities were great.  Lots of room for both the tent and RV people to be able to be in the same area, a sparkling swimming pool (enjoyed especially by Craig’s kids and my friend Gina’s kids), wonderful bathrooms, complete with showers that did not run out of hot water, a lodge that was not only used for Peter’s culinary genius, but for our Best of Show Judging AND Dead Palates.

     The partying started at 1:00, with all Falcon bars flowing with a variety of the incredible homebrew that the Falcons are renowned for.  Thanks as always to Richard Webster (The Beanster), Kent, Kevin and Craig F. who worked long and hard not only bringing up the bars, but setting them up and tearing them down the next morning.  It is A LOT of work and so appreciated. 

     Peter Sheppard gets a double round of applause for the fantastic Santa Maria BBQ he prepared (with all the fixins) and then having the energy to perform 2 sets with the Maltose Falcons Brews Band.  People were dancing up a storm, even in the 85 degree heat.  The band rocked. It always does.

      As the night wore on, and it cooled down a bit, the party was rockin’! The KOA staff joined us for a couple (now that they were off work) and said what a great group we were and told Kris they would like us back next year.

Who wouldn’t??? We have a great party and leave the place spotless the next day (thanks to all of you who do the morning-after clean-up).

     Martin called for Dead Palates to begin at about 10:30 or so. We had a large crowd with LOTS of varieties of beer.  Bocks from Sweden and Lagers from Vietnam.  You name it, we had it.  I, of course, tried to hoard all the Barleywines in front of me once they had made their rounds.  June J. was kind enough to supply wonderful seasoned  potato wedges, all wrapped in their own foil packets, which was good, as by the time we got around to eating them, about a ¼ way into Palates, Kent was tossing them to people like peanuts at a Dodger game.  Needless to say, Palates was full of laughter, funny barbs and such great camaraderie. And after it was over, I heard no hurling out on the lawn.  How great was that?

     Next up will be Sunfest. Back to the rustic setting.  Yet no matter where we go, we always have a great time.  Thanks Falcons.  I feel incredibly fortunate to count you all as friends. See you all soon.


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