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Falcon's Membershp Meeting Minutes-February 13th, 2011

Hey Everyone!

Once again, for those of you who could not make it to the February meeting, here is what you missed....


MALTOSE FALCONS MEMBERSHIP MEETING MINUTES FEBRUARY 13TH, 2011   Another great meeting with about 70 people attending and chili to boot!  Now onto business... New Swag Sales were brisk as the new Falcon’s T-Shirts and mugs were rolled out at the meeting today. If you missed it, they look terrific and the price is amazing! $15.00 for a T-Shirt and $5.00 for a mug. Shirts come in royal blue or khaki green. Get yours before they are gone. Anchor Time John Kaufman said there were still 14 seats left for the Anchor Bus Trip. You must pay in advance for this. The actual Anchor party will begin at 1 p.m. and go till about 6 or so. Drew made a handout of the activities that are planned for the entire Anchor weekend. He will also post this to the website. Craig Wickham showed the club a beautiful ship’s lantern that he created complete with a commemorative medallion on it thanking Anchor for choosing the Falcons! And to top it all, the Maltose Falcons’ Brews Band will be playing at the party as well. John Kaufman also talked about getting your payments in for SCHF which will be the weekend of April 30th at Lake Casitas. PayPal will be available to members who have not already taken care of their payment for this. Reserving your camping spot is a must. We will be in the same location as last year and the shuttles will once again be running to get people up and back. Please contact John with any questions at activities@maltosefalcons.com Grand Hydro Presentation-Beers of the Bay Drew once again found the Falcons some great beers for his Grand Hydro presentation, this time spotlighting breweries which will be visited during “Anchor Time”. Included today were: 1.      Lagunitas Pils 2.      Russian River Redemption-Belgian Blonde Ale 3.      Anchor Porter 4.      Bear Republic Racer 5 And for a surprise, we also had the 2011 Sierra Nevada Bigfoot Ale (which was also the prize for our Chili Comp winners).     Shop Brew-March 13th Steve and Irene will be doing an English Brown Ale for the month of March. There are still spots open, so sign-up on the website. Don’t forget... you MUST be a paid Falcon member to be on the crew. It will be a great day. Even if you are not on the crew, come and observe. Bring snacks. Bring beer. Ask questions. As the Beatles said, “A splendid time is guaranteed for all”. Leaders Wanted Diane asked that more people start teaching the Brew 101 classes that we have each month. Right now only the Board members have been doing it and she would like to see some of our stalwart members give of their time and come and teach a class. If you are interested, please contact Diane at publicity@maltosefalcons.com . She will be happy to give you an overview of what is expected of the teacher, etc. Also those who have been on brew crews and know the brewing system and would like to teach an actual shop brew on a Sunday, please contact Diane as well. She will answer any and all questions you may have. Come Get Your Cards The brand new membership cards are now available for pick-up or mail out! Mick had them at the meeting today and there are a lot of them! Please contact membership@maltosefalcons.com if you need any information or have any questions. BJCP Exam-May 29, 2011 John Aitchison and Steve Cook spoke about the upcoming classes for the BJCP exam. Spots are limited to only 12 people. The classes and exam for those who have not taken the exam before. These classes will be starting at the end of March or beginning of April, every other Tuesday night at the shop. They will run from 7:00 p.m. until 9 or 10. Cost is $70.00, which will include both the beers and materials. Kent will be coordinating payment through PayPal. Sign-ups should be beginning on February 14th. CHILI COOKOFF Once again, we had a fine time at our chili cook-off. This year there were ten fantastic entries. They ran the gamut of the chili world. This year’s top winner was Kevin Grizzard. Second place went to Mike Case. And we had a tie for Third Place between Diane Van Wagner and Drew Beechum. Thanks to everyone who took the time to make and bring their chili!!  


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Is there any news on the signups for the BJCP class?

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