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Don't Forget! Nominations for Board at the September Meeting


Hey Falcons, old and new, having served on the board, I can tell you that it is a good experience. Now it is your turn to shine!!

 All of you Falcons, old and new, who have not served on the board, should step up to the plate.  Bring in some new ideas for activities,  be willing to step up that extra step for YOUR club that you enjoy being  a part of.  The elections will be here before we know it.  Nominate yourself. Nominate someone who you think would be great at the Board Position (and that you think they are willing to do).  Don't nominate yourself or someone who is not willing to actually perform what is being asked of them

The Falcons are a proud club and we need to be more out there in  the brewing world news, especially  now that the craft brew explosion has happened in such a big way.  Let's see more articles about us in the brewing magazines.  Let's see more submissions and wins in the club-only comps, etc.  Hope to see some of you come forward and run for the board. You are a Falcon!!! Help make the Falcons even greater than what they are now.  We are the oldest homebrewing club. Let's continue the tradition and show WHY the name  of the Maltose Falcons is still around today!!!

Come serve for the new term!                                                        



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