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May Board Meeting Notes

Board Meeting Notes

May 17, 2016

Present:  Drew, Cullen, Craig, John, Ed, Tiffany, and Andy

Submitted by acting Secretary John Aitchison


  1. Next board meeting to be on 6/21/16.  Location TBD.  July board meeting to be at John Aitchison’s house.  Date TBD.  John won’t be at next board meeting, just let him know. 
  2. Treasurer’s report:  No shortage of money.  Since Kent wasn’t there, we don’t have details.
  3. Activities
    1. Mayfaire

i.3 Friday sites.  Those who use them to pay extra.

ii.22 regular tickets and 4 DD tickets sold

iii.Andy to talk to Natalie about Turkey fryer needs.

iv.Dead Palates to be held “quietly” between campsites.


1.2PM-3PM Band first set

2.3:15PM Award presentations

3.4PM-5PM Band second set

4.6PM or so Dinner

  1. Next bus trip—Torrance breweries in the fall
  2. Brew with a  Falcon

i.Craig (Valencia), Andy (N. Hol), Nancy (Agoura), Dominic (Downey) confirmed

ii.Drew (Pasadena) if he can get away with it.

  1. SCHBF—all went fairly well.  Nobody got fallen down drunk.
  2. Lake Arrowhead Brewfest 8-13

i.We have three camping sites

ii.We’ll push it harder in July

  1. Oktoberfest—Nothing is confirmed
  2. Vice-President
    1. We need help mailing medals at Mayfaire
    2. Money raised for charity

i.Motion to donate $1000 to charity (Aitchison/Ziskin) approved unanimously.

ii.Raptor Center?  Friends of LA River?

  1. LACF on July 23

i.Checkin delayed to July 17 because club meeting will be on 10th.

ii.We’ll close drop off time Thursday July 14 to give us more time to pick up beers.

  1. Grand Hydro
    1. June—Alternative fermentations (Kombucha, kefir, sake, mead?)
    2. July—Board approved motion (Beechum, Kochanowski) to not having grand hydro presentation, beer presentations by homebrewers, and having potluck lunch (Aitchison abstained, all others voted “aye”)
  2. Membership—nothing new to report
  3. Publicity
    1. June shop brew—Ladies brew went well except Jess almost burnt herself.
    2. July shop brew—We think it’s Kent’s Elkwood Wheat
    3. Matt to organize food drive for a food panty sometime in the future.
  4. Newsletter
    1. Others besides president need to write articles.  Especially board members.
  5. Burgermeister
    1. See note on turkey fryer
  6. Other business
    1. Natalie and Tiffany will not seek re-election.  No one else confirmed, except Cullen said he’d serve again if no one else ran.
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