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Club Meeting Minutes- September 2015

Club Meeting on Sunday, September 13th, 2015
Location: Home Beer & Cheese Making Shop

Agenda Topics

1. Grand Hydro: Cullen presented for us in Drew's absence. Today's series will be on Session beers for this very hot September. We will focus on different sessional beers around the world as well as local sessional beers.
a. Around the World Session Beers:
i. Genesee's Cream Ale- It has a light crisp and has a very corn taste to it. It's from New York and it's ABV is 4.1%
ii. Timothy Taylor's Landlord Pale Ale- It has a very malt caramel flavor and a bit of hops. It's England's classic session ale. It's amber in color with an ABV of 4.1%
iii. Warsteiner's German Pilsner- It's a very light crisp German lager. It's ABV is 4.8%
iv. Chimay's Doree- It had a very strong coriander aroma and taste to it. It's your classic Belgian table beer. It's ABV is 4.8%
v. 21st Amendment's Down to Earth Session IPA- Light American style ale with a big hop aroma. It's ABV is 4.4%
b. Local Session Beers:
i. Three Weavers' Seafarer- It's a Kolsch style beer with an ABV of 4.8%. It missing the yeastiness and the fruity characteristics that Kolsch's are known for. This is one of the better Kolsch's in the area.
ii. San Fernando Brewing's Wolfskill IPA- It's ABV of 7.8%. They didn't have a session beer that they can present. It's not a hoppy beer, but it is a bit bitter. It can definitely needed a lot more hop aroma.
iii. MacLeod Brewing's The Little Spree- English style Pale Ale. It's an American version of the Timothy Taylor. The level of caramel malt in comparison is very different. Lighter in color. It's ABV is 4.3%
c. Towards the end of the series we all came to a consensus that "session beers" is definitely a subjective term. The top brews for this series of Grand Hydro were the 21st Amendment and the Chimay.
2. Elections:
a. President- Cullen vs. Kale
i. Winner: Cullen
b. Vice President- Ed & John A.
c. Treasurer- Kent
d. Secretary- Lili
e. Membership- Craig
f. Activities- Tiffany
g. Newsletter- Andy Z.
h. Publicity- Matt
i. Grand Hydro- Drew
j. Webmaster- Drew & Dana
k. Burgermeister- Natalie & Michael
3. Lake Arrowhead Brew Festival in August: We had 12 taps and we were pouring the most and had the most variety at the festival. We also received a participation certificate, yay!
4. Oktoberfest!! It will be on October 10th at DAV (Disabled American Veteran's). There will be a band, games and there will be a 3 bars available. If you are planning on bringing a keg, please sign up on the website. The Burgermeister's will be providing us with a lovely meal of Bratwurst and pretzels. Oktoberfest wear and stein's are welcomed!
5. The following Homebrews where brought to you by:
a. Watermelon Ale by Kale
b. Adam Beer by Izzy
c. German Pils by Dana
d. Summer Saison by Scot
e. Amber Ale by John A.
f. Guajillo Blossom Mead by John A.
g. XPA by Dana
h. Triple by
i. Calif Lager by
i. Meeting's Favorite Homebrew was: Guajillo Blossom Mead by John A.
6. Show Brews: Falcons, sign up now for the next Club Shop Brew Session, Sunday, Sept. 27 at the Home Beer Wine and Cheesemaking Shop in Woodland Hills! Hop Harvest Amber Ale with Cullen. You can sign up on the Maltose Falcons website.
7. No member's meeting in October. Next meeting will be in November at it's new time 11:00am!!

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