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January 2013 Maltose Falcons Shop Brew

On the day after our great 2013 Doug King Homebrew competition, we had the Falcon’s January Shop brew.  This month, the brew crew was led by the MF VP Ed Kochanowski, aka Jersey.    The duties of a brew crew leader are to supply a recipe,  help the crew members to enjoy their experience with all-grain brewing by guiding them  through the steps of  grain milling, doughing in, mashing,  sparging, boiling, hop adding, cooling, carboy filling, oxygenating,  yeast pitching,  and equipment cleaning.   Also the crew leader collects the costs for the ingredients and pays the shop.   The final task of the crew leader is to make sure the club house and equipment are cleaned and everything is put away properly.

Our January Recipe was for a Red Rye IPA.    This beer is intended to have a nice full body, a deep red ruby color, good rye presence in the malt flavors with a nice floral hop aroma and flavor with medium bitterness.   The brewing program I use is Beer Smith, which will try to do everything for the brewer except drink his beer.  Running the recipe through Beer Smith, I got a target Original Gravity of 1.077, SRM of 17.9  and 66.6 IBUs.   The grain bill for this beer named, “Red Ryder IPA”, consists of the following:




Pale 2 Row

50 #

63.7 %

Rye Malt

15.5 #

19.7 %


3.75 #

4.8 %


2.5 #

3.2 %

Crystal 80

2.0 #

2.5 %

Roasted Rye

1.75 #

2.2 %

Crystal 120

1.5 #



1.5 #



We mashed for 1 hour at 153 degrees F.   Mashed out at 168, then boiled for 1 hour.

The hop addition schedule was as follows:




Nugget – 13%

1.0 oz

60 min

Columbus – 14%

2.0 oz

60 min

Chinook – 13%

4.0 oz

60 min

Palisade – 7.5%

2.5 oz

20 min

Cascade – 5.5%

5.5 oz

20 min

Cascade – 5.5%

5.5 oz

5 min


In addition to the above, Whirlfloc was added at 15 min.   We cooled and dispensed the wort  into our eager carboys and added yeast.  Five of us used smack packs of Wyeast, 1056, one odd ball brought his own Safeale-05.     We overshot our intended OG of 1.077 a little, the measured OG was 1.083. Throughout the day, a small number of visitors stopped by,  they enjoyed watching the all grain process, as well as a few party folks who brought brownies and beer.  Our efficient team cleaned all the equipment and the clubhouse and we were completely out by 4:07PM.    There were no major problems with this shop brew.  The grain mill was a bit cantankerous but it accepted its lot in life and worked well once it was tweaked enough, we had our strike water waiting for us thanks to the automatic start up of the HLT, and we hit our mash temp so fast, it was like magic.   Our shop boil kettle does take its sweet time to start that rolling boil, but once it gets going, things start hopping!   We all had a fun time with great weather and a fantastic crew!


bruhozer's picture

Well as a recap I would like to say that it did go very smoothly with only a couple of glitches. I wanted to start the boil with only a gallon or so in the kettle but we waited a bit and yes it did tke a while to get up to temp. Hey Richard- what's the down side of starting the boil early in the runoff?

This was my first time on the crew with the newer controls and it seemed really easier than before. Thanks Kent, your system makes it pretty easy.  The mash temp sensor does need a little tweek as the reading was all over the place for a while.

Yea I'm the aformentioned odd ball that hit my portion with the dry yeast, I also hit it with some herbs but that's another story, this Rye Ipa might get a little Wooky on me!  Ed thanks for a great brew day, gives me the confidence to lead a brew crew in the future.

BTW- mine has stopped fermenting and is ready for transfer to keg or sec.

craig wickham

cybertonian's picture

Mine has been fermenting at a temp between 60-65, its slowed a lot since last week, but its still getting a bubble in the air-lock every 30 seconds.   Craig, did you take a gravity reading?

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Yea I didn't check the gravity so when I transfer I'll either call it the serving keg or secondary fermenter. I'll check and report the gravity when I transfer it. Craig

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Ok so I finally got around to moving it into sec or serving keg and the FG was 1014, your mileage may vari, I'm the knuckelhead who used the dry yeast saf 05. Hey I saved the rest of the crew from the purchase of another package of liquid yeast (.825$ each!) Mine has a big roast/chocolate character with a decent amount of lingering bitterness. I kind of like that it finished a little higher than I thought it would. Once it's carbonated and cold it should be pretty drinkable. I'm going to f/u half of it with some caraway seeds.

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