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Barrel Aged Barleywine project

For about 3 years or so, the Falcons have had a barrel aging project!    We have been removing and adding to our Heaven Hill Rye Whiskey barrel, the famous Falcons' barleywine.   It has not received much attention in the recent past, but that changed on Friday, Feb 21.

About 18 months ago, we brewed several gallons of the barleywine at the shop.  It sat in various peoples closets ever since.   Finally, we have gotten around to servicing our barrel.  15 gallons were deposited into the barrel after removing 5 gallons of the aged beverage.   Be sure to look for it at Mayfaire, The Anniversary Party and other special Falcon fests!

Here are some pics of the process.  Paticipants were Ed K, Kent F and Jeremy R.

This is the barrel with tap inserted.

Eagle Rock Brewery owner and Falcon Jeremy Raub along with Falcon Kent Fletcher preparing to begin the process.

We borrowed a keg from ERB to act as a buffer since we didn't bring an empty keg of our own. (oops).  Here is first of the 3 kegs of barleywine being loaded into the ERB buffer keg.  Now we have an empty keg to receive the nectar from the barrel.


Filled our keg with barrel aged goodness!


Loading a keg into the barrel.


Barrel oozing a bit at the top where it was a little dry.


Placing the last keg into the barrel!









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I cannot wait to try this!!!

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