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Presidents Report November 2017 - Volunteerism

CullenNewsletter image.pngVOLUNTEERISM 
President's Report - November, 2017
By Cullen Davis, Maltose Falcons Board President

I honestly don’t mind doing President duty for the Falcons. It’s a relatively low-stress job, mostly just prodding people into doing what they said they would, trying to keep the club on the right path. Soreheads are thankfully rare when there is good beer to be shared. The benefits are decent too, the club buys beer for the board and we get to hang out and shoot the shiz on an extra day every month.

Frankly, I’m a little surprised there aren’t more people stepping up for board positions. Even though the elections just happened, I would simply ask that you, member, consider helping out with the club in some way, even if it’s not taking a board position. We always need more people to help with our competitions and events. This club is nothing without the efforts of members pitching in. You are what make the club as awesome as it is. We need more of it!

I’d also like to put some things on your radar. There are always things coming up and we need to make varying levels of preparation but I never want anyone to have the excuse that they didn’t know about it. The holiday season is coming soon so that means we’ll have the Spark of Love toy drive at the December meeting, then there will be the Stuffed Sandwich tasting event (always epic). Our Doug King Memorial Homebrewers competition is in January so if you have your eye on some wins, you might want to gear your brew schedule for that. Then there’s Mayfaire, of course, as well as the Southern California Homebrew Fest. But beyond that, we plan to make a big showing at AHA’s Homebrew Con, which will be in Portland next June. It may seem far off, but time has a way of moving faster than you think it will and I want people to be thinking about brilliant ideas for it. In the near term, we’ll
have our usual demo brew sessions at the shop. These sessions greatly improved by own brewing and I strongly
encourage everyone to attend them. We also want experienced brewers to lead shop brew sessions. Even if you
haven’t led one, there’s always a first. There really is no downside to doing it. 

This year, I will want to emphasize participation. I know it’s always easier to hang out and just enjoy the club’s hobby, and there’s certainly nothing wrong with that, but we always do best when we collaborate and help one another attain brewing greatness. That’s what we’re here for. Join the fun!

See you at the next meeting,

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