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A Great L.A. Craft Beer Tradition Continues with the Falcons 2017 Stuffed Sandwich Tasting

A Great L.A. Craft Beer Tradition Continues with the Falcons 2017 Stuffed Sandwich Tasting 

By Brent Yarkin, Activities Director

Presidents Report November 2017 - Volunteerism

CullenNewsletter image.pngVOLUNTEERISM 
President's Report - November, 2017
By Cullen Davis, Maltose Falcons Board President

I honestly don’t mind doing President duty for the Falcons. It’s a relatively low-stress job, mostly just prodding people into doing what they said they would, trying to keep the club on the right path. Soreheads are thankfully rare when there is good beer to be shared. The benefits are decent too, the club buys beer for the board and we get to hang out and shoot the shiz on an extra day every month.

Beertastic Line-Up for Club Shop Brew Sessions!

Falcons, get ready for a mind-blowing, earth-shattering line-up of Club Shop Brew Sessions coming up led by a stellar legion of first-ever brew crew leaders and some familiar favorites! 

As you may have seen, I recently put out the Falcon Signal, calling for members to step forward to lead Club Shop Brew Sessions. With a dozen monthly Club Shop Brew Sessions a year and about as many members who can lead them, it's a perennial challenge to get leaders lined up for the brew sessions without burning them out. 

December 2013 Club Shop Brew Session - Old Smokey Barleywine

The final Club Shop Brew Session of 2013, on Dec. 29, continued the 40th Anniversary theme of brewing historic and award winning Falcons' recipes during the Club Shop Brew Sessions and stockpiling plenty of mind-blowing beers to be poured at the big 40th Anniversary Banquet. December's brew session brought back a recipe that has become a club legend -  Old Smokey Barleywine. Brew crew leader Richard "Beanie" Webster led the team to brew this famously delicious barleywine using Falcon Tom Wolf's original recipe, which has won too many awards to list name here.
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