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Homebrewing makes the New York Times

The article: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/06/23/garden/home-brewing-need-a-beer-hit-th...

My take away - how incredibly awesome that homebrewing gets into the Gray Lady. Any publicity is truly well and good for the hobby. Anything to get people to think "wait, what? I can do this at home?"

New Wort Chiller Time at PHB

My old econo CFC is on its last legs. Time for a new wort chiller soon, so I thought I'd poll the readers for opinions or recommendations. I'm considering the Blichmann Therminator, or the Dudadiesel B3-12A or possibly the Chillus Convolutus from More Beer. Clearly the Dudadiesel has the edge on price only. Can anyone offer any other reasons for preferring one over any other here?

Kudos to Ladyface!

Ladyface gets some love today from the LA Times Brand X group and the Falcons get some mention too!

The Craft Beer Chronicles: Ladyface Ale Companie brings its brews to L.A.

A packaging we will go, a packaging we will go.

Hi-ho the derry-o, crap that's a ton of kegs and I'm not done yet!

New Trappist Brewery on the Way

New Trappist beer on the way!

That's right boys and girls - it looks like the second Trappist brewery outside of Belgium is about to become active. The of Abbey of Monts de Cats is working with the brothers at Chimay to setup an 8th Trappist brewery.

And just after I finished my collection of Trappist glasses! :)

Free e-book today

Amazon has Charles Bamforths "Beer Is Proof That God Loves Us" for free today. If you have a kindle or the kindle app on your smart phone go download it, because it will be gone by tomorrow.


Mayfaire Happened/ Rapture Didn't! What Could Be Bettah?

Each year when I attend Mayfaire, I think that this year's fest could not possibly top last years. But it always does. My time was perfect. Had everyone I love there. My boyfriend and my two best friends in the universe, Helen and Gina, accompanied by Gina's musician husband, Carl. Steve and I arrived on Friday, set up camp and had a great dinner with Richard, Susan, Kent and Martin. Beanie got his satanic fire machine going and the evening was warm and the beer was fabulous.

Check out my brew day!

You can see live video of my brew today @ http://evolvedcreativity.com/go-live


Anyone interested in this? National commercial if you book!!!

Male or Female / Principal / All Ethnicities / 25 - 60
REAL brew masters that either work at a brewery/ microbrewery or small restaurant brewery that run/work with the brewing processes. If this is not you but you know someone that does fit this description please feel free to pass this on to them. They can submit (with a picture) to CastingAnthem@gmail.com Thank you!
SAG Scale - Poss double scale -waiting on legal

My Love/Hate relationship with Simcoe hops

I know, to love and hate Simcoe Hops is oxymoronic. However, Simcoe holds both a love and a hate relationship with me. I have made a great effort at discovering the qualities of Simcoe hops. But in my many brews I discovered that Simcoe has both a good and a bad side.

I have tried Simcoe hops in both bittering and at flame out. This is where a huge difference and the oxymoronic paradigm transpires.


Hey all,

For those very few who have met me I will say this......... I am a HUGE fan and supporter of Deschutes Brewery!! On April 13th Veronica Vega (A Deschutes Brewer) will be coming to the Surly Goat, craft brew tavern extraordinaire, and letting us enjoy Jubel 2010 & Lost Barrels of Mirror Mirror!!!!!

The following is the link to the event and I'm posting from the Deschutes website as well:

Wed, 4/13
Specialty Beer Tasting at Surly Goat (5-9pm)

April 3rd Membership Meeting Minutes

Hi everyone. For those of you who couldn't attend the membership meeting, here is what you missed. Read on and sign-up for those events!!!

Today was Bock day as we called in Bocks for our COC competition. Our winner was Erick Garcia! We had 50 people at our meeting today and it went something like this.
Being that spring is in the air and that our COC was today. Drew treated us to the wonderful world of Bocks. All kinds of Bocks. There were as follows:
1. Einbecker Bock
2. Rogue Dead Guy

Upcoming and Past ACS Webinar with Charlie Bamforth

Register now to listen to Charlie Bamforth, A-B Endowed Professor of Brewing at UC Davis on Thursday March 31st. Charlie is awesome to listen to and really knows his stuff from his time with big brewing companies like Bass.

The precis of the talk:

“Advanced Chemistry of Beer and Brewing” A short presentation followed by Q&A with speaker Charles Bamforth, Anheuser-Busch Endowed Professor of Malting & Brewing Sciences at UC Davis.

What You Will Learn

* The chemistry that underpins the quality of beer (foam, color, clarity, flavor).

US Craft Breweries hit a new high

According to the press release from the Brewer's Association (aka the professional branch of the same org as the American Homebrewer's Association), craft beer grew in volume produced by 11% last year. Not only that, but we now have more operating breweries in this country (1759) than we did in the pre-Prohibition era of 1900 (1751).

Jay Brooks of Brookston Beer Bulletin has a writeup with all the figures and graphs.

Oregon home brewers, winemakers can compete again: House gives final OK


SALEM -- Cheers. Home brewers and amateur winemakers should be able to partake once again in friendly tastings and contests under a bill that cleared its final legislative hurdle Wednesday.

The Oregon House unanimously endorsed Senate Bill 444, which rewrites state law to clearly allow homemade beer and wine to be made, transported and consumed.

A Biologist's Saint Patrick's Day Song

Ok, so St. Patrick's day may be just about over, but I loved this

A Biologist's Saint Patrick's Day Song

(courtesy of the AHA Forum)

Giving Love To The New Blood

What an awesome time to be a Falcon. There's a lot of stride hitting going on around here, an awesome party at Anchor, big experiments on the horizon and new faces joining the crew continuously and spreading the love of homebrewing and craft beer.

Becki Kregoski, new brewer and new Falcon, joined in with VPster Steve for his shop brew session. Looking at her pictures on her blog, I'm a little sad I couldn't find my way to that session, cause man, those Oatmeal Stout Brownies with Caramelized Bacon look awesome!

A little Club Publicity (and me Publicity)

Met a few weeks ago with the wonderfully ebullient Cambria from DrinkEatTravel.com at my new homestead where she asked questions, nosed around the R&D Brewing Company grounds and took some pictures that actually make me look not entirely loutish. All for part of her series on the homebrewers of LA.

The Chemistry of Beers

Found today via Brookston Beer Bulletin, the American Chemical Society has released in time for St. Patrick's Day a video all about the chemistry of beer. It features Senior Brewing Manager of Boston Beer Company, Grant Wood.

Check it out!

The Chemistry of Beer

Thanks for all the interest...

My brewing equipment is now spoken for.

I'm sorry that I am not able to share it with more of you.

Brewing equipment available

Fellow Falcons,

My brewing equipment has been lying around unused for too long.
Ladyface provides me with awesome beer whenever I want.
LA is finally becoming a decent beer town.

I have decided to part with my brewing equipment. It is a very extensive
collection of every tool, implement, and vessel one could want to make
excellent beer. Included are two chest freezers, a lagering frig and 50
pounds of grain.

I would like to make a gift of this equipment to a young aspiring
Falcon brewer. I do not wish to give the stuff away piecemeal.

Falcon's Membership Meeting Minutes-March 2011

We missed you at the March meeting! Here is what you missed....


Today’s meeting was attended by about 40 people. A bit down from last month but a great time had by all.

Drew, our Grand Hydrometer got up from his sickbed and brought us a bevy of Barleywine to get the meeting going right. Tastings were comprised of:
Tenaya Creek Old Jackalope - 10.2%
Telegraph Rhino Rye - 9.8%
Alaskan Pilot Series - 10.7%
Shipyard Double Thumper - 11%
Port Brewing Old Viscosity - 10%

A New Year - A New Look!

Hey everyone from the webmeister department!

It's a new year and while we're between that Anchor Madness and the Mayfaire, I figured this was the perfect opportunity to upgrade our website both in look (ohh shiny in blue - thanks Cullen!) and in performance. We're housed in a new setup that should be faster than our old site.

I'm still working on fixing a few glitches, so bear with us!

-- Drew

Two Videos: Anchor Steam Brewery Awards Maltose Falcons The 2010 Homebrew Club of the Year


For those that didn't make it to the award ceremony, here is a couple videos of the award cerimony. I included a video explaining where the trophy came from. Select the links below.

Award Video on Youtube

Video explanation of where the Trophy came from at Anchor Steam Brewery



Here? Can I do that?


It's Fog Horn Barley Wine!


Falcon's Membershp Meeting Minutes-February 13th, 2011

Hey Everyone!

Once again, for those of you who could not make it to the February meeting, here is what you missed....


Sierra Nevada Taproom

As ubiquitious as the brewery is to our club, few Falcons have traveled to this Sacred Brewery.  Ken Grossman, the founder of SN is a long time Falcon.  Fortune was shining on me as my boss had me on a trip through Northern California.   A stop at the brewery's taproom (restaurant) was demanded. 

Amazing turnout for January Brew 101 class

We had a record breaking turnout for the January Brew 101 class on Tuesday! Twenty three enthusiastic newbies crowded around the brew kettle out in the back of the shop. We were turning away others who were calling up the shop asking if they could come to the class as there was just not enough room for them all.

Kent Fletcher was the instructor, and he was assisted by myself, and Mick Deering. It was cold, and there were some light sprinkles, but that did not deter these new brewers one bit.

Chili Cookoff

Because of a stupid little football game, the February meeting will be on the Second Sunday, but the Annual Chili Cook-off will go ahead as scheduled.  Please post here or e-mail at burgermeister@maltosefalcons.com  of your intention to enter a chili.  Please plan to arrive about noon to start heating the chilis.  

There is a limit of 12 entrants ONLY

The Maltose Falcons Annual Chili Cook Off Rules are: 

Minutes of the Maltose Falcons Membership Meeting - January 2, 2011

I thought it would be a good idea to start posting the minutes of our membership meetings for those who cannot attend on a regular basis. There are some great events coming up that I thought you should be aware of. Read on.....


New hop blend Falconer's Flight

Calling all hop heads! There is a new hop blend called Falconer's Flight, and it is in stock now at the Home Beer Wine and Cheese Making Shop. The name alone should be enough for the Falcons to make this a staple for the club. It comes in at 10.5% alpha acid, and has a co-humulone of 27%.

Falconer's Flight is a proprietary pellet blend comprised of many of the Northwest's most unique hop varieties and is perfect for any Northwest style IPA. The aroma descriptors include distinct tropical, citrus, floral, lemon, and grapefruit tones.


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