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An interesting time...

Ruminate on this for a while:

In the past few months we've seen the following news items:

  • Angel City sold to a subsidary of Boston Beer Co.
  • Sierra Nevada announces a new brewery opening in Asheville NC
  • New Belgium announces a new brewery opening in Asheville NC
  • Oskar Blues announces a new brewery opening in Asheville NC
  • Lagunitas announces a new brewery opening in Chicago

and now...

Finding buried treasure

It pays to have a wife who loves a good bargain.

When My wife goes grocery shopping, she always checks that spot in the back where the market sticks its day-old stuff and close-outs. Twice now, I've gone with her to an Albertson's with a good beer selection and found buried treasure back in that hiding place. Once before, it was a couple of bombers of Sierra Nevada Torpedo. Today, it was two 6-packs of Stone Ruination IPA for half off. As far as I can tell, they were back there just to make room in the cooler for something else.

Angel City Reopening Under the New Management with First Beer

From BlogDowntown:

It appears that the relaunch of Angel City is beginning under the new ownership who bought the brewery from longtime Falcon and brewery founder Michael Bowe. The first batch of beer is a Belgian White Beer temporarily called "Test Beer B" and is on tap at a few places around downtown.


Cream Ale Day

Brewing beer with friends is about as good as it gets!

Today I'm brewing a cream ale with my friends Jim and Jimmy Alden. We're using 20% Quaker Quick Grits in the recipe.

Other than a mistake and scorching the grits the first time (another trip to S&F for another bag of grits fixed that), things are rolling along nicely. Big Jim is manning the BBQ and we'll soon be eating brats and saurkraut. Won't want to be around us after lunch!

For the Beer Drinkers


The Circle of beer life.  


Mayfaire Festival 2012- The Video

Hello my felllow brewers. Wow is all I've got to say about this year's Mayfaire Festival. What a lot of fun! Since I had to drive home, I stopped drinking early and started shooting video and still photos. I combined some photos and video to make a fun video of our time together. I hope you enjoy it. I uploaded to youtube.com and made a link as follows:

Mayfaire Festival Video - Select Here

David Lester

A FINE TIME INDEED ~ MAYFAIRE 2012 by the Alewench


        Just when I think that a Falcon Fest that I have attended could not be topped.... BOOM! Mayfaire 2012 arrives and I realize that each event just gets better and better.  And no, it is not the fine homebrew talking, as I have had time to come down from that, do all the wonderful “back home, must do laundry, must clean camp kit” and decided that I needed to write this down immediately.

Got Wood?

For years I have used wood chips and cubes soaked in random sprits and wines. I finally broke down and bought a barrel that I could fill on my own from Woodinville, a nice little 8 gallon Bourbon Whiskey Barrels that just got dumped. I spent the day making a nice stand to place it on top of a cart to move it around.

Anyways, I waited a few weeks to get mine but I just noticed that both Bourbon and Rye 8g Barrels are available again.



A Rose By Any Other Name - The Importance of Homebrew Names

(Most of this article originally appeared in BeerAdvocate the Magazine in March 2011. The reprint is inspired by the latest goofiness at SCHF. Read below for more.)

Letter to editors of L.A. Weekly on Jason Bernstein's article on L.A. Craft Brew Movement...

Hey, gang! Peter "Grizzbar" Sheppard here saying you should grab an LA Weekly and check out my letter to the editor in response to Jason Bernstein's article on the growing Craft Brew Movement in Los Angeles! They published practically the entire letter! Oh, and here's a link to the original article...



See y'all in the Funny Papers!


Japanese Company Tops Drinks With Soft Serve Frozen Beer Foam





If you ever wanted a way to dessert up your beer, or just plain keeping it colder for longer, Japanese beer maker Kirin has got the item for you. Presenting: Frozen beer foam in the vein of soft serve ice cream that sits atop a beer, keeping it cool.


Three Ways Chickens Will Improve Your Beer

I currently am looking for a new brew buddy; my lovely girlfriend suggested borrowing one of her chickens... Your thoughts?


Faux Loko

I'm just going to start this entry with an editorial note - I feel like a horse's ass posting this immediately following Bruce talking about his fantastic mead, but sadly.. that's how this entry is just going to have to roll.

Last year's big boozey news story was Four Loko, a juiced up, caffienated buzz bomber full of 12% alcohol, caffiene, weird "energy supplements" and nasty fake fruity flavors like fruit punch, watermelon, grape and berry. Turns out that if you give college age drinkers that much booze and caffiene in a tall boy can and they get stupid, sometimes dead.

AHA Members - Get out and Vote!

Vote for the AHA Governing Committee

AHA Members should get their vote on! There are 3 slots open this year on the Governing Comittee and 9 candidates for the positions.

"FOR SALE" Ice chest- mash tun's

I have two ice chest- mash tuns for sale, the small one is a 70 quart and the large one is 120 quart, both have slotted copper manifolds with machined copper fitting that slips in to plastic outlet in cooler. These coolers are part of my old system that I no longer use. I live in Simi Valley.

Small cooler $75.00

Large cooler $100.00

Call Rick at 805-501-1775


The Clumsy Brewer – Brewery Construction on hold for Endocarditis.


Ever have a job you wanted to start, but just didn't feel up to it? That was me in early January after the holidays. I figured I'd wait a week or so until I felt better before starting work on the gas line.

Well, I just didn't have the energy. Starting January 30th I started having low-grade fever. On February 7th the fever went north of 101 and I started the first of three rounds of oral antibiotics. After each course, the fever returned.


hey fellas,

I'm a newbie to the club, brewing, etc. 

Abita Brewing

I tried to post this a while back when I was in New Orleans...

Should you find yourself in New Orleans, try a few beers from Abita Brewing. They're a local brewery and they make some very good beers. Turbodog was my favorite, but the Amber and the Golden were good too.

Gobble Em Up Chili

 This was my 3rd place chili. It's my standard "healthy" chili and truly just a damn awesome meal for a week! (Note.. it tastes even better over time). This version is not the hottest chili, focusing instead on building a world of flavor. Heat is always a bottle of hot sauce away!


Gobble Em Up Chili

For 6ish quarts of Chili:

6 slices of thick bacon, chopped

2.5 lbs Ground "Lean" Turkey (Not the extra lean)

1/3 c. Fresh ground chile powder (made out of dried chiles)

1/3 c. ground toasted coriander seed

Steve's Smokey Second Place Chili

So I had a lot of people ask me for the recipe I used for my chili, so here it is!  I kinda made it up as I went, so here's the recipe I as best as I could remember....

The Dry:

Kosher Salt

Smoked Sea Salt

1/2 Teaspoon Red Pepper Flakes

1 Teaspoon Oregano

1 Tablespoon Chili Powder

1 Tablespoons Smoked Paprika

2 Tablespoons Cumin

The Wet:

Vegetable Oil

1 Onion Diced

3 Cloves of Garlic, crushed

1/2 small can of Chipotle Sauce (about 3 oz)

1 Can tomato Paste

That's One Way To Supplement the Income

Drug Charge Means No Ale at Ale House

Apparently the fine folks at the Broadway Alehouse (nee The Fifth Amendment), need to take the advice of their name because the bar's been stripped of it's license by the ABC after an investigation found solidity to the rumors of drugs (marijuana and coke) being sold at the bar and a later sting where they sold a drink to an underage decoy.


Homebrewing in LA Weekly - aka why you should join a homebrew club

Need a reason to join a homebrew club? Jenn Garbee of LAWeekly and EatHistory.com drops 5 reasons you should do it. (And of course the Falcons, PG and the Yeastside Brewers all get shoutouts - thanks!)

Top 5 Reasons to Join a Homebrew Club

Wort Aeration Technique

Brewed a RyePA on Saturday, 1/28, and tried something new this time. A recent visit to Costco (AKA the 200 dollar store) turned up a gadget for wine geeks. It is called the Vinturi and is intended to aerate red wine as you pour it from the bottle into a decanter or even a glass. It uses the venturi effect to pull air through two small holes as the liquid passes down the main channel. I bought one (for about $20) with the idea that it might be useful in the brewery, as an alternative to canned oxygen and an air stone.

Doug King Comp A Rousing Success--Yet I Didn't Win!!! by the Alewench

We had a fine Doug King Competition yesterday. You shoulda been there if ya weren't!! Over 40 judges and many stewards (including my good friend Gina) converged on the Eagle Rock Brewery bright and early on the morning of the 21st. With over 100 entries to judge, we knew we were in for a long but very fulfilling and filling day! The day started off with some nice pumpkin bread baked by yours truly and a great burrito casserole, complete with salsa and guac, prepared by Rocky (the kegmaster and go-to guy for the day).

Golden Road Pub Grand Opening

Before Prohibition single-handedly decimated the brewing industry in America, the majority of beer that would find its way into a man's belly was brewed locally. It's truly exciting to be living in a time when the momentum seems to be shifting back to the side of smaller, home-grown operations that can serve their local markets, and Golden Road Brewing is wasting no time quenching us Angelinos' thirst for craft beer.

Confirmation on the sale of Angel City

It's official and announced by Boston Beer Company that their subsidiary "Alchemy & Science" has bought Angel City as it's first brewery. A&S is run by Alan Newman who helped found Magic Hat out of Vermont. (Magic Hat was sold last year to North American Breweries which owns Pyramid, Genesee, Labatts, etc) Michael Bowe, Angel City founder and a Falcon, is staying on for two years. Congrats to Michael for successfully establishing his brand and attracting national attention to brewing in Los Angeles.


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