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Club Meeting Minutes- July 2015


Club Meeting on Sunday, July 12th, 2015

Location: Home Beer & Cheese Making Shop


Agenda Topics

Mead Madness at the End of May

Sunday, May 31, 2015 saw the latest annual convocation of our local mead enthusiasts at the Home Wine, Beer, Cheese and Meadmaking Shop.  And madness it was!  Enthusiasm was running high, as was the volume level as usual, yet we managed to “formally” taste 39 meads out of some 48 that were offered by the time it became necessary to wind things down at 4:30.  As I said, enthusiasm was plentiful, and my biggest regret was that we were not able to sample all that was brought, despite moving the starting time up an hour to 12 noon this year.  Even at that, folks were still 'meadifying' when I d

Beverly Glen Fair

At the start of every summer, the Beverly Glen area shuts down a couple of our residential streets and throws a fair.  This year's fair is this coming Sunday (31st).  Vendors, food and games for kids.  It is a lot of fun and one of the many reasons why I love my neighborhood.  This year I was asked to serve some of my home brew.  It is so nice to have people like our beer.  It's why we do it right?  To make others happy with something we created.

Brazilian Feijoada (fay-zwah-da)

Here is the recipe I made for the potluck dish I brought to the December Club Meeting

A Mighty Thank You to All of You! Toy Drive a Huge Success!


I just wanted to send a note out to thank you again for ALL the wonderful gifts you brought to the meeting today for our 6th Annual Toy Drive.  I was overwhelmed by your generosity in bringing so much for the kids.  I believe that this was the biggest collection of gifts that we have ever gotten.  I am humbled and so proud of our club. What wonderful hearts you all have.


Now that we are past the Thanksgiving Fest, it is time to think of the holidays.  As was mentioned in the December club meeting event online, I cannot stress enough how important it is to provide toys for our toy drives. Many of us are so very fortunate in our lives.  Unfortunately, there are those who are not.  I know that bringing a toy or two seems like no big deal to us, but it will be a very happy experience for a child who might otherwise not have a good holiday.  

Beertastic Line-Up for Club Shop Brew Sessions!

Falcons, get ready for a mind-blowing, earth-shattering line-up of Club Shop Brew Sessions coming up led by a stellar legion of first-ever brew crew leaders and some familiar favorites! 

As you may have seen, I recently put out the Falcon Signal, calling for members to step forward to lead Club Shop Brew Sessions. With a dozen monthly Club Shop Brew Sessions a year and about as many members who can lead them, it's a perennial challenge to get leaders lined up for the brew sessions without burning them out. 

A Brief Interlude on Red Sauce and Meatballs

I got asked to post this somewhere and frankly - this is it. My slap your Italian grandma meatballs and red sauce. (A note about beer pairings at the end just because.. it is a homebrewing site after all.)

For enough meatballs and saucefor 6 unhealthy portions


2 slices white sandwich bread, pulsed into fresh bread crumbs

1/3 c. Half & Half

1/2 c. Parmesan (not the green can for f's sake)

1/3 bunch Flat leaf parsley, chopped

3 cloves garlic, crushed

1 tsp Red Pepper Flakes

1 tbsp kosher salt

2014 Reddit Homebrew Competition Judging

On Wednesday, November 12th a group of Falcons got together to help judge for the 2014 Reddit Homebrew Competition. Reddit is a website that hosts numberous online communities where members share informaion, web links and pictures of their cats.  Their /r/homebrewing community has over 100,000 members and this was their fifth year hosting a nation spanning, distributed homebrew compeition.  

I've Got Your Copper Serpent (Honey Ale That Is......) by the Alewench

The day was made for brewing.  Nice and overcast morning. HLT ready for utilization.  What could possibly go wrong.... Just a little bit......

Our fine brew crew all arrived on time, smiles on their faces, ready to brew the Copper Serpent ESB that Steve and I had come up with a few years ago.  I had gone to Trader Joes and found a big sale on their mesquite honey.  We were planning on brewing and I suggested that we do a brew with honey involved.  Steve came up with the recipe and “Copper Serpent Mesquite Honey Ale” was born.

September Elections Will Be Here Soon!!! It is Your Turn to Be on the Board! THIS SUNDAY IS THE DAY!!!! RUN RUN RUN!

Hey Falcons, old and new, having served on the board, I can tell you that it is a good experience. Now it is your turn to shine!!

2014 L.A. County Fair Homebrew Competition Results

Regional Competition
Sanctioned by the Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP)

Under the supervision of the  Maltose Falcons Home Brewing Society




Board Meeting Food - Chicken Paprika with Olives and Potatoes / Warm Bean Spread

One of the fun things about being a board member is the monthly meeting that we have. It bounces around to different places, different houses, different taverns, etc. When at a board member's house, the club pays for the host to make dinner for the crew. As with all things, it's a chance to show what we like to do. (Board meetings at the Burgermeister's houses are always grand)

Coffee and Jalapenos

Want to learn more about what style of coffee to choose for your beer? Check out my blog over at ExperimentalBrew.com for more information about an experiment I did inspired by a "white stout" beer I tasted recently

ExperimentalBrew - Of Coffee and Jalapenos

The April newsletter......is not here.

I know, I know, you are dieing with antici...................pation.  And did I tell Drew I would be rolling it out yesterday.  But then, when I read Drew's email blast, I realized the Falcons' meeting is next Sunday, not this Sunday.  So, that gives me an extra week-end to clean things up and create some more content.  Heck....I'm not sure, but I think I even heard Beeroditus's voice in the writer's bull-pen.  Maybe he's finally off his bender and we can get him to grace us with a few words.  Also, I still don't have a home-brewer profile for the month.  (Gonna have to plan an entire day a

Barrel Aged Barleywine project

For about 3 years or so, the Falcons have had a barrel aging project!    We have been removing and adding to our Heaven Hill Rye Whiskey barrel, the famous Falcons' barleywine.   It has not received much attention in the recent past, but that changed on Friday, Feb 21.

Smoked BBQ Chili Recipe

Here is my recipe that took first place at the Feb. Chili Cookoff.  It's fairly complicated and expensive so I only make it once or twice a year.  One batch has never been the same as I add things while cooking to taste.  It's easiest to add all ingredients to a crock pot and cook until desired texture.


2014 Mayfaire Regional Homebrew Competition Rules

2014 Mayfaire Regional Homebrew Competition Rules

December 2013 Club Shop Brew Session - Old Smokey Barleywine

The final Club Shop Brew Session of 2013, on Dec. 29, continued the 40th Anniversary theme of brewing historic and award winning Falcons' recipes during the Club Shop Brew Sessions and stockpiling plenty of mind-blowing beers to be poured at the big 40th Anniversary Banquet. December's brew session brought back a recipe that has become a club legend -  Old Smokey Barleywine. Brew crew leader Richard "Beanie" Webster led the team to brew this famously delicious barleywine using Falcon Tom Wolf's original recipe, which has won too many awards to list name here.

Thank You Falcons!!! Toy Drive a Huge Success!


I just wanted to send a note out to thank you again for ALL the wonderful gifts you brought to the meeting yesterday for our 5th Annual Toy Drive.  I was overwhelmed by your generosity in bringing so much for the kids.  

The Fire Department was amazed to see how heavy the bags were that we dropped off and they wanted me to thank you from them as well.

Have a very Happy Holiday and only the Best for the New Year.

Take care,

Irene (aka The Alewench)


2014 Doug King Memorial Competiton Official Rules

1. The Maltose Falcons' Doug King Memorial Competition is a BJCP-sanctioned homebrew competition open to all homebrewers.

Bastogne, Beer and Bullets

Stumbled across this story in the Stars and Stripes about how a trooper in the famed 101st Airborne discovered he had been immortalized in local Bastogne legend. Former Paratrooper Recalls WWII Incident that Led to Beer Fame

November 23 BJCP Exam

Yesterday we conducted a BJCP tasting exam. 12 judges took the exam, and I really expect all to rise in rank. I'll go into the details more in a later newsletter article, but here is a picture of the exam. The proctors in the foreground are National Judge Norman Jufer, Grand Master II Judge Jim Wilson, and Grand Master V Judge Kevin Pratt.

Holiday Pot Luck Lunch - Sign Up!

Our holiday lunch is less than 3 weeks away!(boy this year went by fast!) For those who would like to bring a dish to pass for our upcoming December Membership Meeting on Sunday the 8th, Pete and I would like to share some ideas (simply as inspiration) for the yummy spread. Since we don’t really need 10 potato salads or half dozen green bean casseroles (or do we?), please email me with the dish you would like to share with the Falcons during our festive holiday lunch.

Maltose Falcons 7th Annual Spark of Love Toy Drive - December Meeting

Yes, I am putting this up early so you can all get the jump on getting those toys ready to bring this year! This will be our 8th Annual Toy Drive to benefit those less fortunate than us. Last year we got a great amount of toys. Let's top it this year. Please bring a new unwrapped toy to benefit underprivileged children. After the meeting, we will take these to the Los Angeles Fire Department for distribution to the kids during the holidays. We will be collecting the toys at the meeting, but please feel free to bring them sooner and drop them off at the shop.

Banana Pants and Distribution Modalities

It's Friday night and it's time to relax and for me that means reading while drinking a frosty beverage and trying to do the whole synthesis thing my brain has supposedly been trained to do. I stopped at my local retail purveyor of beverages to go and wondered at the marvelous supply of bottles and what not on the shelf. This made me think things:

Send me to Beercamp!!

Hi Falcon members, I am in need of your help to send me to Sierra Nevadas beer camp if you could please vote for me that would be amazing! Thanks for anyone who votes for me. All you have to do is just vote dont even have to watch the video. http://www.sierrabeercamp.com/vote#100

Walmart and Beer Sales

Wal-Mart Sells Coors About at Cost to Be Largest Beer Seller

So, few things that are interesting from this article - wow Walmart is really being aggressive and when you figure breakage and other parts of the operation, they are losing money on their beer sales. Now to their point - beer does pull in customers and may very well be an effective loss leader for them, but still 0.6% markup?


It is time to get your Anchor blurbs in. Why you ask? Because it is time for the Falcons to take back the Anchor Homebrew Club of the Year Award. What comps have you entered? What comps have you won in? What events did you volunteer at? Judge at? Steward at? What creative positive things can you contribute to the Board so they can put together that winning report!! Those of you who have contributed, thanks!!! Those who haven't... C'mon. Send in those shop brew, bus trip, festival photos!! I know you all have them.....Yet I haven't seen anyone post anything new.

Los Angeles DWP adding Chloramine to Drinking water.

I recently had to dump a batch of beer I made last month due to my tongue feeling numb and having this weird plastic taste to the beer. I recently read a post from more beer stating that Water companies are adding chloramine to water as a disinfectant, and how chloramine will react with malt and create chlorophenols.

Here is the article on More Beer http://morebeer.com/articles/removing_chloramines_from_water.

I'm thinking that I had filtered my water to fast and didn't get enough of the compounds out of the water which then reacted to my beer.


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